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Table 1: Similarities Between ISO14001 and ISO 9001

Table 1: Similarities Between ISO14001 and ISO 9001
(Shading indicates where similarities exist)

ISO 14001 Element

4.1 General Requirements (shaded)
4.2 Environmental Policy (shaded)
4.3 Planning
4.3.1 Environmental aspects
4.3.2 Legal and other requirements
4.3.3 Objectives and target
4.3.4 Environmental management programs
4.4 Implementation and Operation
4.4.1 Structure and responsibility (shaded)
4.4.2 Training (shaded)
4.4.3 Communication
4.4.4 EMS documentation (shaded)
4.4.5 Document control (shaded)
4.4.6 Operational control (shaded)
4.4.7 Emergency preparedness and response
4.5 Checking and Corrective Action
4.5.1 Monitoring and measurement (shaded)
4.5.2 Noncomformance and corrective and preventive action (shaded)
4.5.3 Records (shaded)
4.5.4 EMS audit (shaded)
4.6 Management Review (shaded)

ISO 9001 Equivalent

4.2.1 General (shaded)
4.1.1. Quality Policy (shaded) - Although there is no direct equivalent in ISO 9000, opportunities for considering environmental aspects may exist in areas such as contract, review, purchasing, handling, storage, packaging, preservation, and delivery.
4.2.1 Organization (shaded)
4.18 Training (shaded)
4.2.1 General (shaded)
4.5 Document and data control (shaded)
4.3 Contract review (shaded)
4.6 Purchasing (shaded)
4.7 Control of customer-supplied product (shaded)
4.9 Process control (shaded)
4.15 Handling, storage, packaging, and delivery (shaded)
4.11 Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment
4.14 Corrective and preventive actions
4.16 Control of quality records
4.17 Internal quality audits
4.1.3 Management review

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