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SMM Electronics Challenge Join Page

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To Join the SMM Electronics Challenge:

1. Determine Eligibility

The SMM Electronics Challenge is currently open to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and retailers.

If you are a consumer, you can make a difference too by donating or recycling your used electronics, learn how.

2. Determine your Commitment Tier

OEMs and retailers may join the SMM Electronics Challenge in one of its three tiers (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). The levels reflect the need for flexibility and recognize that participantís business models, organizational sizes, and levels of leadership vary.

Participants may join at any level that best suits their organizationís experience and abilities–regardless of their starting baseline.

Commitment Level*
Electronics Sent to Third-Party Recyclers
Bronze Entry: Designed for organizations with no existing collection programs or with new programs <50% Annual
Silver Mid: Designed for organizations with modest collection programs 50-95% Annual
Gold Advanced: Designed for organizations with exemplary, well-developed collection programs 96-100% Annual

* Organizations are welcome to enroll in any tier, regardless of their baseline, if they are able to meet the requirements of that tier.
Weight of the total volume collected

Electronics Challenge Tiers of Participation (8 pp, 441 K, about PDF)

3. Sign up!

Complete the online SMM Electronics Challenge Participant Agreement.

4. Assess It!

Establish a baseline of collected electronics and the percent of those being sent to certified recyclers within 90 days of registration.

5. Do it!

6. Track It!

Track your progress and submit annual data.

7. Post It!

Share your commitments and data on your organizationís website.

8. Receive Recognition

Receive public recognition on EPAís website, and have the opportunity to earn awards.

Questions? Send your inquiries to orcrSMMElectronicsChallenge@epa.gov


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