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2014 WasteWise Awards

Partner and Endorser awards will be based on data reported in the SMM Data Management System (Partners) or a narrative description of activities (Endorsers). Participants will be evaluated using a weighted average of evaluation criteria as described below. Applicants are also screened for enforcement and other issues. Award applications are due by June 30, 2014.

Partner Awards

Partner awards will be given based on data reported. Both "Partner-of-the-Year" and "Honorable Mention" awards will be given in multiple sector-based categories. Award categories are:


Very Large Business (20,000+ employees)
Large Business (1,000 to 19,999 employees)
Midsize Business (500 to 999 employees)
Small Business (1 to 499 employees)


Federal Government
State Government
Local Government
Tribal Government


School/School District


Non-profit Organization

How to Apply for a Partner Award

To apply for a 2014 WasteWise partner award please email the Helpline at wastewisehelp@epa.gov or call 800-EPA-WISE (372-9473) for an award application and instructions.  Once EPA receives your application for an award, we will begin to evaluate your reported data.

Evaluation Criteria for Partner Awards

EPA will use the partner's 2012 and 2013 reported data as evaluation criteria for 2014 awards. Quantitative results from reported data for waste prevention (WP), recycling (R), and disposal (D) will serve as the key elements for award evaluations. The following weighted criteria will be aggregated and used in evaluating award applications:

Annual Improvement in 2013 (20 percent)

Overall Performance in 2013 (40 percent)

Waste Prevention Performance in 2013 (40 percent)

Endorser Awards

Endorser awards recognize outstanding efforts to promote WasteWise as a means to help organizations reduce waste and promote overall sustainable materials management. An "Endorser-of-the-Year" award will be given. Depending on the number of award applications, an Honorable Mention award may also be given. Endorsers are asked to submit a narrative up to five pages describing their endorser activities during calendar year 2013.

How to Apply for an Endorser Award

To apply for a 2014 WasteWise endorser award, please email the Helpline at wastewsiehelp@epa.gov or call 800-EPA-WISE (372-9473) for an award application and instructions. 

Evaluation Criteria for Endorser Awards

Evaluation criteria for 2014 endorser awards will remain the same as in past years. WasteWise will evaluate endorser award applications based on a weighted average of the following criteria::

Promotional Activities (50 percent)

Promotional Results (50 percent)

If you would like additional information about the 2014 WasteWise awards, please contact the Helpline  at wastewisehelp@epa.gov or 1-800-EPA-WISE (372-9473).


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