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Greening University Campuses

Colleges and universities across the country continue to be hubs of innovation, developing unique, cost-effective ways to address complex environmental issues faced by communities and the nation as a whole. Join us September 16, 2010 to learn about how colleges and universities can partner with EPA to help green their campuses through waste reduction and other sustainable practices and gain insight into how you can engage students in sustainability.

We look forward to your participation!

Speaker Bios

Ron Vance
Ron is a program analyst with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery. Mr. Vance is a technical expert in municipal solid waste reduction programs. Mr. Vance specializes in issues related to colleges and universities and federal agency implementation of Executive Order 13514. In addition, Mr. Vance is a program coordinator for the WasteWise program. Prior to joining EPA, Mr. Vance worked for an environmental consulting firm, state environmental agency, environmental education organization, and a county environmental agency. Mr. Vance holds a M.S. in Environmental Science and Management and a B.S. in Biology.

WasteWise Opportunities (PDF) (22 pp, 749K)

Jessica Young
Jessica Young (formerly Biegelson) has worked for the EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery for five years. She first began work on municipal solid waste recycling in a program called Recycle on the Go. She then moved to the hazardous waste side of the office and worked on international Mexico/Border issues before joining the Labs Team to work on the development and implementation of the Final Academic Laboratories Rule. Before joining EPA, Jessica worked on clean vehicle issues at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Jessica earned a bachelor’s degree with distinction in Science of Earth Systems from Cornell University and is currently pursuing her masters in Environmental Science and Policy at John Hopkins University.

Academic Labs Rule for Hazardous Waste (PDF) (15 pp, 75K)

Thomas Goldsmith
Tom Goldsmith, Director of Energy & Environmental Conservation, contributes to our webinar discussion today from St. John’s University – New York. Tom has a “green job” and considers the work to green a university the most important work of his career because it involves student engagement in sustainability. Tom has 25 years experience in physical plant operations and construction on college / university campuses and has two degrees in facilities management.

Student Involvement in Greening the Campus: St. John’s University (PDF) (16 pp, 2.1MB)

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