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E-Authentication is the secure process that EPA uses to confirm people's identity and electronic signatures. Examples of E-Authentication credentials include personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords and public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates.

EPA's Exchange Network Web services were pilot-tested (PDF) (2 pp, 136KB, About PDF) to make federal E-Authentication functionality available to state systems and the individuals. Based on the success of this pilot, EPA will soon begin offering states the ability to use the Exchange Network services to validate federally recognized public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates presented by individuals.

For further E-Authentication Governance Information:

The Exchange Network works with EPA program offices and state partners to ensure that EPA satisfies the requirements of M-04-04 and NIST SP 800-63. The Exchange Network also assists EPA programs and states in taking advantage of opportunities provided by the E-Authentication Architecture. Activities include:

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E-Authentication Handbook for Federal Government Agencies (PDF) (27 pp, 244KB, About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer

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