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Exchange Network Program Status

Active Partners

Information on the status of each partner's progress toward implementing a Network Node or Node Client can be found at http://www.exchangenetwork.net/progress/index.htm.


The Exchange Network is an Internet-based system providing partners with the ability to access, submit and share electronic information by connecting data through Nodes and Web forms. Partners use the Exchange Network to:

Data Exchanges

Network partners that have successfully implemented an Exchange Network Node or Node Client may begin setting up network data exchanges. A data exchange is the Exchange Network term for any routine exchange of information between two or more network partners. As network partners develop the resources to implement data exchanges, they are made available to other Exchange Network partners. This allows future trading partners to take advantage of existing tools. You can access these exchange resources and learn more about on-going Network projects by visiting http://www.exchangenetwork.net/data-exchange/

Partners are developing numerous data exchanges to meet their information needs. For more information on the following data exchanges and partners, please visit exchangenetwork.net Exit Disclaimer.

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