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Federal Green Challenge

Federal Green Challenge - Web Academy

The Federal Green Challenge Web Academy is a webinar series that provides tools and ideas to help your agency or facility reduce the Federal Government's environmental impact. If you are unable to attend the webinars live, full-length recorded versions will be posted on this website.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Topic
1:30-3:00 pm EDT
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July Federal Green Challenge Webinar - Leadership and Innovation from DOE and GSA
DOE’s Green Buy program is going national and opening up to any federal agency who wants to participate in FY2016. It will give federal agencies the opportunity to provide incentives for purchasing products with the strongest environmental attributes available on the market. Awards for purchasers help promote the selection of products that go beyond compliance to make greater contributions to energy and water efficiency, waste minimization, toxic chemical reduction, and human and environmental health protection.

GSA Region 10’s facility in Auburn saved 8% in energy consumption with some simple new technology without making any infrastructure changes. Listen to their story!

2008-2015 Webinar Archive

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Date Topic

Executive Order 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, and Federal Purchasing Update

04/30/2015 Strategies for Individual and Organizational Change to Achieve Environmental Success
Are you a federal facilities manager who needs the support of managers and employees to meet your facility's energy and environmental performance goals? This webinar will provide you practical and action-based strategies on changing individual and organizational behavior.

Getting Water Wise in the Federal Green Challenge: How Federal Facilities are Saving Money by Saving Water 

01/22/2015 Doing the Numbers: A Review of the Federal Green Challenge's (FGC) Annual Reporting Process
11/20/2014 Doing the Numbers: A Review of the Federal Green Challenge's (FGC) Annual Reporting Process (PDF) (47 pp, 1.2MB)
10/02/2014 Participating Partnerships in Federal Facilities
Climate Change: Current and Future Impacts, and the Link Between Climate and Materials (Hosted by the West Coast Climate & Materials Management Forum)


Wasted Food and Packaging Pilot plus 2014 Water, Renewable Energy & Waste Award Winners
08/06/2014 Waste Prevention and Recycling (Hosted by the USDA Forest Service Sustainable Operations)
07/31/2014 Federal Green Challenge: Recognizing our 2014 National Award Winners - Innovation and Leadership
06/05/2014 Federal Green Leaders Discuss their Initiatives and the Federal Green Challenge (PDF) (45 pp, 2.8M)
05/01/2014 Focus on Energy Efficiency at Federal Facilities: New Purchasing Requirements, Technologies, and Opportunities
03/20/2014 Federal Electronics Stewardship and EPEAT – Transitions and Updates (PDF) (38 pp, 1MB)
02/05/2014 Host: USDA Forest Service - Examples of Sustainability Leadership
01/30/2014 Computers for Learning
12/19/2013 Federal Green Challenge National Overview (PDF) (48 pp, 2M)
12/04/2013 Middle-Out, Top-Down, & All Around: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Sustainable Operations
12/03/2013 Federal Aggregated Solar Procurement Project
11/25/2013 FGC National Overview Webinar Presentation (PDF) (68 pp, 3M)
11/06/2013 GreenGov Spotlight Community - Seattle, WA | Details
Seattle Federal Executive Board's Business Case for Sustainability (PDF) (31 pp, 2.8M)
10/24/2013 Federal Green Challenge National Overview Webinar Presentation (PDF) (68 pp, 2.7MB)
08/22/2013 Stormwater Management and Water Conservation at Federal Facilities - Agenda and Presentations (PDF) (93 pp, 9.1M)
08/07/2013 GreenGov Spotlight Community - Chicago, IL | Details
Car Sharing In Chicago (PDF) (18 pp, 600K)
07/25/2013 Environmental Sustainability and Innovation at the Department of Veterans Affairs (PDF) (47 pp, 2.9MB)
06/27/2013 Understanding the Role of Behavioral Change in Implementing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects (PDF) (52 pp, 5.8MB)
05/28/2013 GreenGov Spotlight Community - Lakewood, CO | Details
Comparing Non-Traditional Water Treatment Cooling Towers (PDF) (46 pp, 1.6M)
05/23/2013 NASA 2013 Awardees Tell Their Stories About Waste (PDF) (47 pp,10.5M) | Details
05/13/2013 EPA Region 5 Federal Green Challenge Symposium
04/30/2013 GreenGov Spotlight Community - Washington, D.C. | Details
National Capital Region Climate Risks Preparation and Adaptation Pilot (PDF) (67 pp, 4.6M)
04/18/2013 InterAgency Collaborative Green Teams - Resources for Multi-Tenant Buildings
03/26/2013 GreenGov Spotlight Community - Nationwide | Details
Federal Bike to Work Month Challenge (PDF) (67 pp, 4.5M)
02/05/2013 FGC Overview: A National Perspective (EPA) and Joining as a Whole Agency (USPS) (PDF) (48 pp, 2M)
02/28/2013 Sustainable Food Management at Federal Facilities
12/11/2012 Federal Green Challenge Overview
11/14/2012 Federal Green Challenge – Online Data Management System Training
11/14/2012 Federal Green Challenge Overview
11/01/2012 Online Data Management System Training
10/25/2012 Online Data Management System Training
10/23/2012 Federal Green Challenge Overview
10/17/2012 GreenGov Spotlight Communities
09/27/2012 Reducing Water Consumption at Federal Facilities
08/30/2012 Reducing Transportation Impacts - Federal Green Challenge
07/26/2012 Reducing Energy Use and Increasing Renewable Energy for Federal Facilities
06/28/2012 Green Purchasing for Federal Agencies
05/31/2012 Federal Green Challenge - Waste
04/26/2012 Federal Green Challenge - Electronics
03/05/2012 Federal Green Challenge Baselines & Goal Setting
05/05/2011 Sustainable Buildings: Green Cleaning and Integrated Pest Management
10/07/2010 GHG Inventories
04/14/2010 Greening Your Staff
03/10/2010 Measuring your Climate Footprint
01/13/2010 Highlights from Year One: Federal Green Challenge Success Stories
12/09/2009 Building Operations and Maintenance: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) for Existing Buildings
10/14/2009 Environmental Leadership in the Government
09/09/2009 Measuring Your Environmental Results
08/12/2009 Transportation Alternatives 202
07/08/2009 Waste Prevention 202
06/10/2009 Green Building
05/13/2009 Energy Conservation 202
04/08/2009 Green Meetings
03/11/2009 Water Conservation 101
02/11/2009 Waste Prevention 101
01/14/2009 Transportation Alternatives 101
12/10/2008 Energy Conservation 101
11/12/2008 Relating the Federal Green Challenge to Environmental Management System
10/08/2008 Sustainability: Making It Real
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