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EPA Part 2 Section 213

Subpart B--Confidentiality of Business Information

Sec. 2.213  Designation by business of addressee for notices and inquiries.

    (a) A business which wishes to designate a person or office as the 
proper addressee of communications from EPA to the business under this 
subpart may do so by furnishing in writing to the Freedom of Information 
Officer (A-101), Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M St. SW., 
Washington, DC 20460, the following information: The name and address of 
the business making the designation; the name, address, and telephone 
number of the designated person or office; and a request that EPA 
inquiries and communications (oral and written) under this subpart, 
including inquiries and notices which require reply within deadlines if 
the business is to avoid waiver of its rights under this subpart, be 
furnished to the designee pursuant to this section. Only one person or 
office may serve at any one time as a business's designee under this 
    (b) If a business has named a designee under this section, the 
following EPA inquiries and notices to the business shall be addressed 
to the designee:
    (1) Inquiries concerning a business's desire to assert a business 
confidentiality claim, under Sec. 2.204(c)(2)(i)(A);
    (2) Notices affording opportunity to substantiate confidentiality 
claims, under Sec. 2.204(d)(1) and Sec. 2.204(e);
    (3) Inquires concerning comments, under Sec. 2.205(b)(4);
    (4) Notices of denial of confidential treatment and proposed 
disclosure of information, under Sec. 2.205(f);
    (5) Notices concerning shortened comment and/or waiting periods 
under Sec. 2.205(g);
    (6) Notices concerning modifications or overrulings of prior 
determinations, under Sec. 2.205(h);
    (7) Notices to affected businesses under Secs. 2.301(g) and 2.301(h) 
and analogous provisions in Secs. 2.302, 2.303, 2.304, 2.305, 2.306, 
2.307, and 2.308; and
    (8) Notices to affected businesses under Sec. 2.209.
    (c) The Freedom of Information Officer shall, as quickly as 
possible, notify all EPA offices that may possess information submitted 
by the business to EPA, the Regional Freedom of Information Offices, the 
Office of General Counsel, and the offices of Regional Counsel of any 
designation received under this section. Businesses making designations 
under this section should bear in mind that several working days may be 
required for dissemination of this information within EPA and that some 
EPA offices may not receive notice of such designations.
[41 FR 36902, Sept. 1, 1976, as amended at 43 FR 40001, Sept. 8, 1978]


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