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Proposed Gas STAR Gold Program

Partner Recognition

Facilities and companies that achieve Gold and Platinum status will be publicly recognized for their progress through a variety of mechanisms including the EPA website, EPA conferences and other outlets. For example, at the Natural Gas STAR Annual Implementation Workshop (AIW), EPA will distinguish companies that achieve program milestones such as submitting letters of intent to join Gas STAR Gold, achieving Gold status for one or more facilities, and achieving Platinum status at the corporate level.

EPA will develop a Gas STAR Gold label, similar in concept to the Energy STAR label, that Gold status facilities and companies would be authorized to use to promote their achievements. EPA will also develop a Gas STAR Platinum label for use by companies that achieve Platinum status. These logos can be used on company publications, white papers, websites and other outlets to promote the company’s commitment to achieving methane reductions.

EPA will work with facilities and companies to promote their Gold and Platinum status in other ways such as through annual reports, sustainability indices and shareholder events.

Gas STAR Gold Program Logo

It will be vital that companies employ proper and consistent use of the logo. As a Gas STAR Gold facility, a company will be able to use the Gas STAR Gold name and marks, registered and owned by the U.S. government, as part of its methane emissions reductions and energy efficiency activities in relation to the specific facility that achieves Gold status. EPA will track all logo use and actively work to protect the trademark and words “Gas STAR Gold”.

EPA will soon release a draft Gas STAR Gold Program logo for consideration by stakeholders.

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