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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program: Reporting Data Archive

Under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, reporters can submit revised annual GHG reports to EPA at any time. EPA continually reviews these revised submissions and releases the updated data. This page provides links to the most current data as well as historical data released by the GHG Reporting Program.

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Data Highlights

These links contain past versions of the GHGRP Data Highlights web page, which presents a high level summary of the emissions data as reported to EPA by the dates shown. These Data Highlights summarize reported emissions data nationally and by industry sector.

Data Sets

Download previously published editions of Excel files with annual emissions data by facility. Each Excel file contains the most important, high-level information collected by the GHGRP as of the date noted on each file. The files include facility location, emissions by GHG, and emissions by process.

Additionally, for the 2010 and 2011 reporting years, past versions of the file with all non-confidential data reported by facilities in the following industry types are available: Adipic Acid Production (subpart E), Aluminum Production (subpart F), HCFC-22 Production and HFC-23 Destruction (subpart O), Lead Production (subpart R), Lime Manufacturing (subpart S – CEMS), Miscellaneous Uses of Carbonate (subpart U), Nitric Acid Production (subpart V), Phosphoric Acid Production (subpart Z), Silicon Carbide Production (subpart BB), Soda Ash Manufacturing (subpart CC), Titanium Dioxide Production (subpart EE) and Zinc Production (subpart GG). The file contains data that are not available in the Envirofacts Tool for these source categories, To request a past version of this file for either reporting year contact us.

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