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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program


Under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program facilities can re-submit GHG reports for past years at any time. All values and graphics presented here were last updated on April 6, 2012. To review the most recent 2010 data reported by each facility, see the Data Highlights page for the most recent year, download summary GHG data, explore FLIGHT, or download facility-specific data through Envirofacts.

The minerals sector consists of cement production, glass manufacturing, lime production, and any other mineral production facility operating under NAICS codes beginning with 327 (Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing). Facilities under this sector transform mined or quarried nonmetallic minerals, such as sand, gravel, stone, clay, and refractory materials, into products for intermediate or final consumption. Excluded from this sector are facilities that primarily beneficiate mined nonmetallic minerals. Glass manufacturing facilities with emissions above 25,000 metric tons CO2e per year, and all cement and lime facilities report both process emissions from the calcination of carbonate-based raw materials and GHG emissions from stationary combustion sources. All other facilities report only the GHG emissions from stationary combustion sources. Approximately 13% of the 352 facilities reporting under this sector measure emissions using continuous emissions monitoring equipment. The remaining facilities use engineering calculations based on measured data. A small number of facilities in this sector collect CO2 either for use in their other production processes (e.g., sugar refining), to transfer to other users, or to sequester or otherwise inject underground. Process emissions reported under this sector include any CO2that is later consumed on site or transferred off site.

Minerals Sector 2010 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reported to the GHGRP

  • Number of facilities: 352
  • Total emissions (CO2e): 94.7 million metric tons
  • Emissions by category (CO2e):

CO2 emissions from the combustion of biomass are NOT included in emissions totals provided above.

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