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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Underground Coal Mines

Underground Coal Mines icon.The underground coal mines sector consists of any underground coal mine that liberates 36,500,000 actual cubic feet of methane (equivalent to approximately 14,784 metric tons CO2e) or more per year. Facilities in this sector include both underground coal mines under development and those categorized by the Mine Safety and Health Administration as active mines. Surface mines and abandoned mines are excluded from this category. Facility owners or operators must report the total annual methane liberated from ventilation wells, shafts, and degasification systems as well as GHG emissions from any other source categories at the facility, such as stationary combustion devices.

Reporting year 2011 was the first year emissions data were collected for this industry sector.

Underground Coal Mines — Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Reported to the GHGRP

(all emissions values presented in million metric tons CO2e)
  2011 2012
Number of facilities:   149 151
Total emissions (CO2e): 29.9 27.7
Emissions by greenhouse
    gas (CO2e)

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2):
  • Methane (CH4):
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O):



** Total reported emissions are less than 0.05 million metric tons CO2e.

CO2 emissions from the combustion of biomass are NOT included in the emissions totals provided above.

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