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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Responses to Comments on the Proposed Rule

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

EPA received a number of comments regarding the proposed rule. EPA considered these comments in preparing the final rule signed on September 22, 2009. Responses to the comments received are contained in the documents in the table below.

Volume Topic
1 Selection of Source Categories to Report and Level of Reporting (PDF) (151 pp, 588K)
2 Selection of Reporting Thresholds, Greenhouse Gases, and De Minimis Provisions (PDF) (170 pp, 672K)
3 General Monitoring Approach, the Need for Detailed Reporting, and Other General Rationale Comments (PDF) (133 pp, 512K)
4 Approach to Verification and Missing Data (PDF) (144 pp, 536K)
5 Initial Year of Reporting, Duration of the Reporting Program and Provisions to Cease Reporting (PDF) (241 pp, 876K)
6 Relationship to Other GHG Reporting Programs (PDF) (82 pp, 312K)
7 The Rule Development Process, Statutory and Executive Order Reviews, and Other Miscellaneous Comments (PDF) (77 pp, 284K)
8 Compliance and Enforcement (PDF) (61 pp, 228K)
9 Legal Issues (PDF) (33 pp, 132K)
10 Cost and Economic Impacts of the Rule (PDF) (54 pp, 300K)
11 Designated Representative and Data Collection, Reporting, Management, and Dissemination (PDF) (160 pp, 584K)
12 Subpart A – Applicability and Reporting Schedule (PDF) (181 pp, 692K)
13 Subpart A – Content of the Annual Report, the Abbreviated Emission Report, Recordkeeping, and the QAPP (PDF) (90 pp, 340K)
14 Subpart A – Definitions, Incorporation by Reference, and Other Subpart A Comments (PDF) (90 pp, 332K)
15 Subpart C – General Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources (PDF) (520 pp, 2M)
16 Subpart D – Electricity Generation (PDF) (34 pp, 148K)
17 Subpart E – Adipic Acid Production (PDF) (13 pp, 60K)
18 Subpart F – Aluminum Production (PDF) (9 pp, 40K)
19 Subpart G – Ammonia Manufacturing (PDF) (13 pp, 60K)
20 Subpart H – Cement Production (PDF) (21 pp, 92K)
21 Subpart K – Ferroalloy Production (PDF) (6 pp, 28K)
22 Subpart N – Glass Production (PDF) (9 pp, 40K)
23 Subpart O – HCFC-22 Production and HFC-23 Destruction (PDF) (10 pp, 46K)
24 Subpart P – Hydrogen Production (PDF) (45 pp, 120K)
25 Subpart Q – Iron and Steel Production (PDF) (53 pp, 208K)
26 Subpart R – Lead Production (PDF) (10 pp, 44K)
27 Subpart S – Lime Manufacturing (PDF) (35 pp, 136K)
28 Subpart U – Miscellaneous Uses of Carbonate (PDF) (18 pp, 80K)
29 Subpart V – Nitric Acid Production (PDF) (26 pp, 104K)
30 Subpart X – Petrochemical Production (PDF) (31 pp, 124K)
31 Subpart Y – Petroleum Refineries (PDF) (74 pp, 296K)
32 Subpart Z – Phosphoric Acid Production (PDF) (16 pp, 68K)
33 Subpart AA – Pulp and Paper Manufacturing (PDF) (15 pp, 68K)
34 Subpart CC – Soda Ash Manufacturing (PDF) (15 pp, 64K)
35 Subpart EE – Titanium Dioxide Production (PDF) (13 pp, 56K)
36 Subpart HH – Landfills (PDF) (114 pp, 476K)
37 Subpart JJ – Manure Management (PDF) (130 pp, 527K)
38 Subpart MM – Suppliers of Petroleum Products (PDF) (65 pp, 264K)
39 Subpart NN – Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids (PDF) (50 pp, 204K)
40 Subpart OO – Suppliers of Industrial GHG (PDF) (51 pp, 205K)
41 Subpart PP – Suppliers of Carbon Dioxide (PDF) (72 pp, 344K)
42 Mobile Sources (PDF) (148 pp, 623K)

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