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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Training and Testing Opportunities


There are no live training/testing webinars scheduled at this time.

Online Tutorial

Brief tutorial on general provisions (subpart A), stationary combustion (subpart C), electricity generation (subpart D) and municipal landfills (subpart HH) sections of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Part 98.

The format of the tutorial is a slide presentation with voiceover that plays on the web. The complete presentation runs about an hour—however, you can exit at any point and upon returning you will be reminded of where you left off. (Technical note: The presentation operates using Adobe Flash technology. Browsers typically include the Flash player as a plugin. As necessary, you will be prompted for the plugin itself or for a version update.)

Launch the tutorial »

Download the presentation (PDF) (108 pp, 5.8M)

Training Presentations

Session Presentations
e-GGRT Training Overview of New Features for RY2013 (PDF) (28 pp, 1.7M)
  e-GGRT Registration Overview (PDF) (33 pp, 1.6M)
  e-GGRT 2014 Registration (PDF) (36 pp, 2M)
  Subpart AA Training (PDF) (60 pp, 3.8M)
  Subparts C and D Training (PDF) (74 pp, 5.1M)
  Subpart DD: Use of Electric Transmission and Distribution Equipment (PDF) (28 pp, 3.7M)
  Subparts G, V, Z and PP Training (PDF) (110 pp, 8.5M)
  Subpart FF Training (PDF) (28 pp, 5M)
  Subpart FF Reporting Form Update 2013 (PDF) (41 pp, 11M)
  Subpart FF Reporting Form Update 2014 (PDF) (21 pp, 641K)
  Subpart H Training (PDF) (44 pp, 3.8M)
  Subpart HH Training (PDF) (56 pp, 5.3M)
  Subpart HH Training Update (PDF) (47 pp, 8M)
  Subpart HH and TT Training Update (PDF) (46 pp, 5.1M)
  Subpart I Training (PDF) (45 pp, 4.4M)
  Subpart II (PDF) (54 pp, 5.9M)
  Subpart II and TT Training (PDF) (69 pp, 8M)
  Subparts II and TT RY 2012 Update (PDF) (69 pp, 14M)
  Subparts II and TT RY 2013 Update (PDF) (46 pp, 5.1M)
  Subpart L Training (PDF) (17 pp, 864K)
  Subpart MM Training - Registration (PDF) (42 pp, 1.7M)
  Subpart MM Training - Reporting (PDF) (28 pp, 1.4M)
  Subpart N Training (PDF) (40 pp, 3.5M)
  Subpart NN Training (PDF) (61 pp, 4.6M)
  Subpart OO Training (PDF) (38 pp, 3.3M)
  Subpart Q Training (PDF) (50 pp, 4.5M)
  Subpart QQ: Imports and Exports of Fluorinated GHGs in Equipment or Closed-cell Foams (PDF) (38 pp, 4.2M)
  Subpart S Training (PDF) (47 pp, 3.9M)
  Subpart T Training (PDF) (38 pp, 2.8M)
  Subpart SS Training (PDF) (28 pp, 3.0M)
  Subpart UU: Injection of Carbon Dioxide (PDF) (42 pp, 2.5M)
  Subpart W Training (PDF) (43 pp, 1.5M)
  Subpart W Deferred Data Elements Webinar (PDF) (45 pp, 1.7M)
  Subparts P, X, and Y Training (PDF) (89 pp, 6.7M)
  Subpart Z RY 2013 Training (PDF) (49 pp, 3.4M)
Rule Training Subpart A: General Provisions
  Subpart C: General Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources
  Subpart D: Electricity Generation
  Subpart AA,– Pulp and Paper Manufacturing (PDF) (22 pp, 190K)
  Subpart DD, Use of Electric Transmission and Distribution Equipment (PDF) (17 pp, 102K)
  Subpart FF Reporting Overview (PDF) (77 pp, 420K)
  Subpart HH: Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
  Subpart I, General Update (PDF) (39pp, 3.5M)
Subpart I, New Stack Testing Method (PDF) (24pp, 2.2M)
  Subpart QQ, Imports and Exports of Pre-Charged Equipment and Closed-Cell Foams containing Fluorinated GHGs (PDF) (34 pp, 276K)
  Subpart RR (Geologic Sequestration of CO2) e-GGRT Registration, R&D Project Exemption and MRV Plan Overview (PDF) (59 pp, 1.6M)
  Subparts RR (Geologic Sequestration) and UU (Underground Injection of CO2) (PDF) (55 pp, 472K)
  Subpart T, Magnesium Production (PDF) (21 pp, 205K)
  Subpart W, BAMM Training (PDF) (56 pp, 2.0M)
  Subpart W, 2012 Update (PDF) (49 pp, 393K)
This presentation is highly recommended for all subpart W reporters. The presentation covers recent updates on subpart W, including what subpart W reporters need to know in 2012 – such as how subpart W reporters will be reporting; upcoming, important deadlines; use of BAMM; how the December 23, 2011 Revisions changed the November 30, 2010 Final Rule; and the ways in which reporters can get help with subpart W or reporting questions.
  Subpart W, Overview (PDF) (87 pp, 7.1M)
This presentation includes the broader context on the subpart W rule, including additional subparts beyond subpart W - subparts A and C. This presentation includes information on how to determine if subpart W applies to you, and the rule reporting and record keeping requirements.
  Colleges and Universities (PDF) (40 pp, 574K)

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