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Request for Applications

Great Lakes Collections of Household Unwanted Electronics and Medicines - Request for Applications

Under this Request for Applications, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (U.S.EPA's) Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) is requesting Great Lakes application packages, including proposal narratives and all application materials, for awards which would mobilize citizens and communities to collect and recycle household unwanted electronics and/or dispose of unwanted and expired medicines from within the Great Lakes basin. Both prescription and over the counter medicines can be collected.

List of Proposals Received

By the closing date of  February 28, 2008, 28 proposals had been submitted totaling almost $600,000. Following is a listing of those proposals.

If you submitted a proposal within the deadline and it does not appear in this list, please notify us immediately by sending an Email to glnpo.funding@epa.gov  Failure to notify us immediately of any omission will result in your project not being considered for selection.

GL2008-1-01 - RRRASOC Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events
GL2008-1-02 - Medicine Collection Day (SE Wisconsin)
GL2008-1-03 - Doing it the Right Way-Unwanted Medicine Disposal
GL2008-1-04 - Grand Haven Area Safe Disposal of Household Medicines Program
GL2008-1-05 - Western Upper Peninsula Electronics Recycling Program
GL2008-1-06 - Macomb County MI's Computer and Pharmaceutical Collection
GL2008-1-07 - One Day Collection Event
GL2008-1-08 - Lake County’s Lake Superior Toxins Reduction Project
GL2008-1-09 - Tri-County Regional Unwanted and Expired Medicines Collection
GL2008-1-10 - "Collections of Televisions, Electronics & Computers in Gogebic-Ontanagon Counties, MI & iron County WI"
GL2008-1-11 - Wi Old Medicines Mail Back Pilot
GL2008-1-12 - MI Unwanted Medicine Collection Program
GL2008-1-13 - Unwanted Electronics Medication Disposal and paper Shredding Event
GL2008-1-14 - LTBB Great Lakes Community Household Unwanted E;ectronics and medicines Collection Program
GL2008-1-15 - Keep Unwanted Medicine out of Lake Erie
GL2008-1-16 - Electronic and Medicine Collection in Richland County OH
GL2008-1-17 - LCSWMD Medication Round-up
GL2008-1-18 - Public Education-Envr. Protection:Pharmaceutical Collection Program for Tinkers Creek Watershed
GL2008-1-19 - "Allen County, Indiana Medication Collection Media Campaign"
GL2008-1-20 - Collection of Unwanted prescriptions and over-the-Counter medications in SWMI
GL2008-1-21 - Bay County Household Electronics and Medicines Collection and Recycling Project
GL2008-1-22 - Unused-Unwanted Medications Collection in City of Chicago
GL2008-1-23 - Medicine Cabinet Clean Out promotion and medication Disposal
GL2008-1-24 - Antrim County Medical and Electronics Smart Waste
GL2008-1-25 - Just What the Doctor ordered-A prescription for a Sustainable Great Lakes
GL2008-1-26 - Washtenaw County’s Medicine Take Back Program
GL2008-1-27 - Curbside Collection of Household Electronics for Recycling
GL2008-1-28 - Lorain County Solid Waste Hazardous Household Waste Collection


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