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Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals on Two Topics:

1. Great Lakes Pollution Prevention and Reduction
2. Rochester RAP Management

- CLOSED - 30 Proposals received

As of June 20, 2008, USEPA is evaluating the submitted proposals to determined which will be selected. USEPA expects to announce selection of some proposals by early July; however, other selections are expected to be delayed until after approval of USEPA's FY2009 budget. If you submitted a proposal within the deadline and it does not appear in this list, please notify us immediately by sending an Email to glnpo.funding@epa.gov Failure to notify us immediately of any omission will result in your project not being considered for selection.

Under this Request for Proposals, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA’s) Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) is requesting Great Lakes proposals for:

Due Date for Proposals: June 10, 2008. Submissions must be postmarked or received by EPA or electronically through grants.gov by midnight, CST.

Application Information: Applicants may submit proposals by either of two methods: (i) paper submission (go to page 9 of Request for Proposals) (PDF, 23 pages, 162KB) OR (ii) submission through http://www.grants.gov/. Information about both methods is described in Section IV of the Request for Proposals.

We encourage applicants to register with us at http://www.epa.gov/grtlakes/maillist/index.html to keep informed about our funding process.

Download the Request for Proposals) (PDF, 23 pages, 162KB)

Posted Date: April 18, 2008


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