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Great Lakes Monitoring Air Program

Air Emissions in the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory

Air regulatory agencies in the eight Great Lakes states and the Province of Ontario agree that a collaborative effort is vital to successfully implementing a compatible regional database of airborne toxic pollutant emissions. They have been working cooperatively toward this goal since 1987.

Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)

This database includes information for the public about releases of toxic chemicals from manufacturing facilities into the environment through the air, water, and land. You can access the data by typing in your zip code.

National Emissions Inventory (NEI)

The U.S. EPA prepares a national database of air emissions information with input from numerous State and local air agencies, tribes, and industry.  These data are used for air dispersion modeling, regional strategy development, regulation-setting, air toxics risk assessment, and tracking trends in emissions over time.

Environment Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is the only legislated, nation-wide, publicly accessible inventory of its type in Canada. It is a database of information on annual releases to air, water, land and disposal or recycling from all sectors - industrial, government, commercial and others.


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