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Contaminated Sediments Program

Monitoring Links

Links and Contact Information

Sediment Assessment and Remediation Team

Scott Cieniawski
(312) 353-9184
Email: cieniawski.scott@epa.gov
MaryBeth G. Ross
(312) 886-2253
Email: marybeth.ross@epa.gov
Brenda Jones
(312) 886-7188
Email: jones.brenda@epa.gov
Dr. Marc Tuchman
(312) 353-1369
Email: tuchman.marc@epa.gov
Diana Mally
(312) 886-7275
Email: mally.diana@epa.gov
Ajit Vaidya
(312) 353-5713
Email: vaidya.ajit@epa.gov

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