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State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conferences

State of the Great Lakes 2009

SOGL TOC  (PDF) (2 pp. 423 kb)
SOGL Preface (PDF) (1 pp. 378 kb)
  1. SOGL Introduction (PDF) (9 pp. 740 kb)
  2. Assessing Date Quality (PDF) (2 pp. 401 kb)
  3. Indicator Category Assessments and Management Challenges
  4. Indicator Reports and Assessments
  5. Acronyms and Abbreviations (PDF) (5 pp. 444 kb)
  6. Acknowledgments (PDF) (6 pp. 424 kb)

Great Lakes Home
Basic Information
Interagency Task Force
Interested Parties US Agencies States Canada Tribal Nations Others
Federal Programs
Legacy Act
Policies & Strategies
  and Indicators

Toxics Reduction &
  Pollution Prevention


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