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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

Apple Inc.
Location Cupertino, CA
Organization Type Technology & Telecom
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 626,315,500
Percentage Green Power 92%
Percent of Green Power Use Third-Party Certified (excluding On-site) 75%
Organization-wide Partner Yes
Partner's Reporting Period 1/1/2013 - 12/31/2013
Latest Annual Report Received On 3/25/2014
Awards/Recognition Green Power Leadership Award 2013, Partner of the Year 2014
Environmental Web Page exit EPA
Partner Profile
At Apple, we continue to work toward the goal of achieving a net zero energy program for our data centers, corporate facilities, and retail stores worldwide.

To achieve this goal we use a tiered approach—starting with energy efficiency, followed by an aggressive use of Apple-owned, new renewable energy generation projects, and then through industry-leading partnerships with utilities and renewable energy providers for grid-purchased renewable energy.

When investing in grid-purchased renewable energy, we prefer projects that clearly demonstrate the principle of 'additionality,' whereby Apple's involvement causes new renewable energy sources to be developed and brought to the market.

Our preference in grid-purchased renewable energy is to contract directly with renewable generation sources. However, we cannot purchase energy this way everywhere we operate—in some cases, regulations actually prohibit it. In such situations, Apple purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) instead. Apple may also purchase RECs as a short-term bridging strategy while we await regulatory approvals, long-term contract execution, renewable facility construction, and other long lead-time efforts to come to fruition. When we purchase RECs, we prefer they come from the same NERC region—or even the same state—as the Apple facility they support.

In the future, as our facilities and data centers grow, we will increase our renewable energy participation to keep pace with growth.

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