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January 8, 2014
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Released on January 27, 2014

Longterm Contract iconThe Long-term Green Power Contracts list highlights the Green Power Partners that have signed a contract to purchase green power for five years or more. The combined green power use from these contracts amounts to more than 2.1 billion kilowatt-hours of green power annually, which is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of more than 205,000 average American households each year.

At Ohio State, we are committed to incorporating sustainability into all facets of the university. In addition to academics and research, we want to lead by example through sustainable operations, which means looking at how we build our buildings, how to be more energy efficient, and how we power our university.
- Jay Kasey, The Ohio State University

Usage figures are based on annualized Partner contract amounts (kilowatt-hours), not calendar year totals. These rankings are updated on a quarterly schedule. Find out how your organization can partner with EPA today! To view a top partner list, select from the chart below:

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Partner Name Industry Total Contract kWh Resource Mix Contract Type Duration (Years) Provider
Google Inc. Technology & Telecom 380,194,000 Wind PPA 20 NextEra Energy Resources
Google Inc. Technology & Telecom 341,327,000 Wind PPA 20 NextEra Energy Resources
BNY Mellon Banking & Fin. Srvcs. 225,000,000 Wind REC 6 NextEra Energy Resources
University of Oklahoma Education (Higher) 153,878,040 Wind Bundled Product 26 Oklahoma Gas & Electric
The Ohio State University Education (Higher) 141,000,000 Wind Bundled Product 20 Blue Creek Wind Farm LLC
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Retail 110,445,299 Solar On-site (Third Party Ownership) 10 On-site Generation
Oklahoma State University Education (Higher) 110,000,000 Wind Bundled Product 25 Oklahoma Gas & Electric
Citi Banking & Fin. Srvcs. 100,000,000 Wind REC 5 NextEra Energy Resources
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Retail 55,793,885 Biogas On-site (Third Party Ownership) 11 On-site Generation
State of Illinois Govt. (State) 51,000,000 Wind Bundled Product 10 City Water, Light & Power
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Govt. (Local, Municipal) 50,819,000 Wind Bundled Product 10 Constellation
U.S. General Services Administration / Region 7 Govt. (Federal) 44,347,091 Wind Bundled Product 5 Gexa Energy
Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium Govt. (Local, Municipal) 42,640,681 Unknown Resource Bundled Product 6 Duquesne Light Energy
The Port Authority of NY & NJ Shipping 41,111,000 Wind REC 6 New York Power Authority
Dell Inc. Technology & Telecom 40,528,000 Wind Bundled Product 5 TXU Energy
Dell Inc. Technology & Telecom 39,964,000 Biogas Bundled Product 5 TXU Energy
Kohl's Department Stores Retail 36,529,000 Solar On-site (Third Party Ownership) 20 On-site Generation
Steelcase USA Consumer Products 31,586,930 Wind REC 5 Renewable Choice Energy
SC Johnson & Son, Inc. Consumer Products 31,500,000 Wind Bundled Product 7 Spartan Renewable Energy
Sundance Square Real Estate 30,334,826 Wind Bundled Product 5 Green Mountain Energy
Iowa State University Education (Higher) 17,964,300 Wind REC 20 NextEra Energy Resources
Southwestern University Education (Higher) 16,995,774 Wind Bundled Product 18 City of Georgetown
Aluminum Shapes LLC Industrial Goods & Srvcs. 15,429,803 Biomass, Solar Bundled Product 11 PPL EnergyPlus
Allegheny College Education (Higher) 15,000,000 Wind REC 6 Constellation
Southern New Hampshire University Education (Higher) 13,710,188 Wind REC 15 Iberdrola Renewables
Spansion Inc. Technology & Telecom 12,000,000 Wind Bundled Product 11 Austin Energy
University of Maryland Education (Higher) 11,863,000 Wind Bundled Product 20 Pinnacle Wind
The Dow Chemical Company / Corporate Headquarters Chemical 10,512,000 Biogas Bundled Product 10 City of Midland
Amway Consumer Products 8,263,292 Wind Bundled Product 20 Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative
Herman Miller Inc. Industrial Goods & Srvcs. 7,750,000 Wind Bundled Product 7 Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative
AT&T Services, Inc. / Austin, Texas Facilities Technology & Telecom 7,500,000 Wind Bundled Product 15 Austin Energy
City of Ithaca, NY Govt. (Local, Municipal) 7,100,000 Wind REC 5 Integrys Energy
Catholic Health, Buffalo, NY Health Care 6,716,050 Wind REC 5 Constellation
Eastern University Education (Higher) 6,600,000 Wind REC 7 Community Energy
Google Inc. Technology & Telecom 6,211,000 Wind Bundled Product 10 Grand River Dam Authority
Allergan Health Care 6,051,575 Wind REC 5 Reliant Energy
Bunker Hill Community College Education (Higher) 5,800,000 Hydro REC 5 WindStreet Energy
Adventist HealthCare Health Care 5,203,312 Unknown Resource Bundled Product 6 Hess Energy Marketing
Academy of Natural Sciences Non-Profit (NGO) 3,925,000 Wind REC 7 Community Energy
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Legal Services 3,707,000 Wind REC 6 3Degrees
DePaul University Education (Higher) 2,700,000 Wind REC 5 Sterling Planet
University of California, Merced Education (Higher) 2,317,254 Solar On-site (Third Party Ownership) 20 On-site Generation
California State University, Bakersfield Education (Higher) 1,684,162 Solar On-site (Third Party Ownership) 20 On-site Generation
Knoll, Inc. Consumer Products 1,657,534 Wind REC 5 Constellation
Luther College Education (Higher) 1,636,600 Wind REC 7 Wind Vision, LLC
Town of Woodstock, CT Govt. (Local, Municipal) 1,400,000 Unknown Resource REC 5 Sterling Planet
Preotle, Lane & Associates Ltd. Real Estate 1,344,221 Wind REC 6 Renewable Choice Energy
City of Auburn, CA / Wastewater Treatment Plant Govt. (Local, Municipal) 1,313,048 Solar On-site (Third Party Ownership) 20 On-site Generation
Tom's of Maine Consumer Products 1,241,000 Wind REC 7 Constellation
Marywood University Education (Higher) 800,000 Wind REC 5 Community Energy
Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center Recreation 800,000 Wind, Solar Bundled Product 5 Madison Gas & Electric
The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts Non-Profit (NGO) 700,000 Solar REC 20 Hanover Off-Site Solar Power, LLC
Point Loma Nazarene University Education (Higher) 573,660 Solar On-site (Third Party Ownership) 20 On-site Generation
University of Maryland Education (Higher) 541,000 Wind Bundled Product 20 Roth Rock North Wind Farm
The Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences Education (K-12) 467,452 Wind Bundled Product 5 Gexa Energy
Alameda County, CA / GSA Facilities Govt. (Local, Municipal) 283,980 Solar On-site (Third Party Ownership) 27 On-site Generation
San Chez Restaurant Restaurants & Cafes 200,000 Biomass, Wind Bundled Product 9 Consumers Energy
University of Pennsylvania Education (Higher) 183,000 Wind REC 10 Community Energy
Eastern University Education (Higher) 66,000 Solar REC 7 Community Energy
Lafe's Natural BodyCare Consumer Products 18,453 Wind Bundled Product 5 Austin Energy
In Clover Consumer Products 16,124 Wind Bundled Product 5 Xcel Energy
A Better City Non-Profit (NGO) 12,442 Wind REC 5 Constellation
Academy of Natural Sciences Non-Profit (NGO) 4,000 Solar REC 7 Community Energy

*Indicates Provider is selling Partner third-party certified green power product. For more information on third-party certification, visit http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/buygp/certified.htm.

Current and past Long-term Contracts lists are available here for you to view and print:

January 2014 list (PDF) (4 pp., 76K, About PDF)
November 2013 list (PDF) (6 pp., 89K)
July 2013 list (PDF) (4 pp., 328K)
April 2013 list (PDF) (4 pp., 328K)

For additional information on how your organization can join these Top Partners as Green Power Partners, please visit the Join Us page of this Web site.

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