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Great Lakes Funding

Great Lakes Program Funding

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Are you interested in news about our USEPA Great Lakes funding opportunities?

Join our mail list, "greatlakesnews"

GreatLakesNews mail list

The mail list, greatlakesnews@lists.epa.gov will be used to send out information about funding opportunities to support Great Lakes environmental work and updates about Great Lakes environmental projects.

If you are not yet a subscriber, you can join the GreatLakesNews mail list.  Subscribers can read archived messages at this location.

Managing your subscription:

UNSUBSCRIBE: Send a blank message to:

WEB INTERFACE: https://lists.epa.gov/read/all_forums/subscribe?name=greatlakesnews
You can visit this address to change your subscription email address, read and send mail, unsubscribe, read and search archives, or change your settings at any time.

If you do not have Web access, you may use the following email commands.

In all cases, the default server address is lyris@lists.epa.gov  The commands may be placed in either the subject line or in the body of the message:

SETTING MEMBERSHIP TO DIGEST MODE: set greatlakesnews digest

TEMPORARILY SUSPENDING MAIL: set greatlakesnews nomail

RESUMING MAIL: (command depends on your preferred mode)
set greatlakesnews mail
set greatlakesnews digest

SETTING PASSWORD: set greatlakesnews pw=mypassword (where "mypassword" is the password you wish to set)



If you have difficulty with the list, please notify USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office


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