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Laboratories on the Lake Guardian

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Eda Lam

Three laboratories are a permanent part of the ship: the biology lab, chemistry lab, and multipurpose lab. The biology lab is approximately 208 square feet. It is generally used for chlorophyll a and other biological assessments of phytoplankton, zooplankton and benthos. The chemistry lab is slightly larger (300 square feet) and was historically used for contaminant extractions from media, and mixing reagents. A third multipurpose lab can be used for pH, turbidity, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen measurements. Each lab has bench space, fume hoods, refrigerators and freezers, deionized water systems and uninterruptible power supplies. A laboratory office is also equipped with computers, printers and copiers for general use.

Biology Lab

Biology lab

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab

Multipurpose Lab

Multipurpose lab

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