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Indoor airPLUS

Find an Indoor airPLUS Partner Near You!

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  • Builders build and sell Indoor airPLUS qualified homes.
  • Verifiers inspect and label Indoor airPLUS qualified homes.
  • Allies are other organizations that help promote improved indoor air quality or administer participating programs.

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Take the first step to protect your family from poor indoor air quality. Find a builder who can build an Indoor airPLUS qualified home.

Already Have a Builder?

If you already have a preferred builder, simply ask your builder to make your new home Indoor airPLUS qualified. If your builder doesn't yet know about Indoor airPLUS, they can learn how from their ENERGY STAR (home energy) rater. Find out more information on our Building Professionals page.

Still Looking for a Builder?

If you haven't yet decided on a builder, look for an Indoor airPLUS Builder in your State from the list below. Don't worry if there are no Builders listed close to you. You can also ask a Verifier or an Ally (see below). In addition, most ENERGY STAR builder partners can quickly learn how to build an Indoor airPLUS qualified home. Find an ENERGY STAR builder. The Indoor airPLUS Partner List is updated weekly. The List below includes partners as of March 18, 2013.

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Type Name Phone Notes
Builder Albeit Green Building (617) 347-8267  
Builder Arrowhead Homes (774) 563-0793  
Builder Boston Green Building (617) 899-4512
Builder Ecohealth Homes (617) 314-9658 a division of Chatham Hill Residential Design and Build, LLC
Builder FCM Smart Build, Inc. (413) 588-8975  
Builder Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts , Fitchburg, MA (978) 895-3772
follow them at Habitat-for-Humanity-North-Central-Massachusetts
Builder Ivan Quinchia (781) 953-2060  
Builder Kane Built (781) 893-2790  
Builder S. Magnuson & Associates, Inc. (978) 526-4322  
Builder MATRIX Business Trust Companies (617) 697-1982  
Builder Quigley Brothers, Inc. (413) 625-2301  
Builder Squash Meadow Construction (508) 693-7451  
Builder Sustainable Construction Services, Inc. (508) 653-7274
Builder Turn Key Builders, Inc. (413) 774-9946
Builder Westchester Homes, Inc. (978) 263-0428
Builder Woodmeister Master Builders (774) 345-1083  
Verifier Advanced Building Analysis, LLC (978) 270-3911
Verifier Building Diagnostics (888) 503-2233
Verifier Building Performance Contractors Association/NYS (607) 793-0692  
Verifier Center for Ecological Technology (413) 586-7350 x21
Verifier Certified Energy Ratings (978) 500-7104
Verifier CGE Solutions, Inc. (703) 573-4365  
Verifier Conservation Services Group (508) 836-9500  
Verifier Energy Efficiency Associates (978) 793-3189
Verifier Energy Raters of Massachusetts, Inc. (978) 270-3911
Verifier Greater Boston Green, LLC (617) 418-1444  
Verifier Horizon Residential Energy Services NH, LLC (603) 369-4833
Verifier Infrared Diagnostic, LLC (978) 440-9900
Verifier JSR Adaptive Energy Solutions (508) 734-0177
Verifier Performance Systems Development (607) 277-6240 X277  
Verifier Rater Energy Services (413) 427-2423  
Verifier Sustainable Energy Analytics (781) 652-8282
Verifier ZeroEnergy Design (617) 720-5002  
Verifier Staples Architects Engineers, Inc. (978) 615-7185 Formerly Reclaimed Energy
Ally EcoSafe, Inc. (617) 800-5313
Ally g Green Design Center (781) 561-1221
Ally Institute for Environmental Education (978) 658-5272
Ally Miyama Bovan, Realtor (781) 698-9251  

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Note: Mention of trade names, products, or services does not convey, and should not be interpreted as conveying, official EPA approval, endorsement, or recommendation. EPA and EPA Indoor airPLUS are not responsible for information or communications provided by Partners.

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