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Indoor airPLUS Program

Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards

The Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards were created to recognize and reward Indoor airPLUS Program partners who construct and verify Indoor airPLUS homes designed and built for improved indoor air quality. This annual award recognizes market leading organizations who promote safer, healthier and more comfortable indoor environments by participating with Indoor airPLUS and offering enhanced indoor air quality protections for their new homebuyers.

Recognized Leaders

2014 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winners

Please join us in congratulating the following builders, recognized by EPA as leaders in building homes that offer their occupants higher quality indoor air.

Foxwood Builders, Inc.

  • Foxwood Builders, Inc. believes their commitment to building all homes to qualify for the Indoor airPLUS label gives them a unique selling point to prospective customers. As such, their company is committed to building 100% EPA Indoor airPLUS qualified homes.
  • Foxwood Builders, Inc. educates and trains local realtors on the benefits of Indoor airPLUS homes and proudly displays "We Sell EPA Indoor airPLUS Qualified Homes" signage in front of their homes.
Leader Awards

Foxwood Builders, a leading Indoor airPLUS builder in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Palo Duro Homes, Inc.

  • Palo Duro Homes, Inc. has continually been a champion of the Indoor airPLUS Program and one of the leading Indoor airPLUS builder partners.
  • The sales team at Palo Duro Homes, Inc. utilizes every opportunity to introduce the Indoor airPLUS Program to potential homebuyers and educates their clients about the benefits of improved indoor air quality.
Leader Awards

Palo Duro Homes, a leading Indoor airPLUS builder in New Mexico and southern Colorado.

C&B Construction

  • After the 2008 housing crisis, C&B Construction leveraged the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes and Indoor airPLUS Programs to help sustain their business and community and eventually lead the way in offering “Quality with Efficiency in Mind” in Northern Arizona.
  • In 2013, C&B Construction labeled 100% of their ENERGY STAR certified homes as Indoor airPLUS. Their company places special emphasis on collaborating with their Rater and educating their sales staff to communicate the benefits of Indoor airPLUS to their homebuyers.
Leader Awards

Bill and Laurie Bullock of C&B Construction with their 2014 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award.

Please join us in congratulating the following Verification Organizations, recognized by EPA as leaders in the promotion, testing, and verification of homes that offer their occupants higher quality indoor air.

Integral Building & Design, Inc.

  • Finding that many homeowners were particularly concerned with both energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ), Integral Building & Design discovered that the Indoor airPLUS Program is a great complement to the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program and a cost-effective way to improve IAQ in new homes.
  • Integral Building & Design believes that Indoor airPLUS has grown their competencies and improved their marketability, helping to increase demand for their Rating services. The company also promotes the Indoor airPLUS Program as part of their training program which is offered to building professionals.
Leader Awards

From left to right: Vinny Vivenzio (IB&D), Pasquale Strocchia (IB&D), Anthony Aebi (of Greenhill Contracting), Glen Widjeskog (IB&D) and Dan Dabrosk (IB&D) with their 2014 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award.

Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

  • Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) believes the Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications and checklist are essential tools for project teams in designing and implementing indoor air quality strategies. As such, the company holds joint design and construction strategy team meetings to address indoor air quality.
  • Steven Winter Associates, Inc. actively highlights harmonies and opportunities for partnership among the Indoor airPLUS Program and other residential “green-labeling” programs, including ENERGY STAR Certified Homes. As a committed Indoor airPLUS Rater, Steven Winter Associates is a repeat Leader Award winner.
Leader Awards

Members of the Steven Winter team with their 2014 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award.


  • ASERusa has been an Indoor airPLUS champion and a recurring winner due to their ongoing promotional efforts and program participation.
  • This leading Rater has found that the Indoor airPLUS Program has allowed them to expand their offerings and bring in more business.
  • ASERusa employs the method of “program laddering” to emphasize the value of energy efficiency and indoor air quality within the context of green building. ASERusa works with architects and builders throughout the home design and construction phases to emphasize the Indoor airPLUS Program criteria.
Leader Awards

HERS Rater Eric Munie of ASERusa with the 2014 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award.

E3 Energy

  • E3 Energy has been a continued Indoor airPLUS Program champion and a repeat Leader Award winner.
  • E3 Energy effectively works in their market to encourage current builder clients to participate in offering enhanced indoor air quality to their customers.
  • Helping builders create Indoor airPLUS Program displays in model homes and provide educational content for consumers, E3 Energy goes above and beyond in helping their clients sell high-quality homes to their customers.
Leader Awards

The E3 Energy team with their 2014 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award.

Please see below for a listing of past Indoor airPLUS Leaders.

Congratulations to the 2013 Indoor airPLUS Leaders

Please join us in congratulating the 2013 Indoor airPLUS Leaders — all of which are among the Rater partners that verified and reported the most Indoor airPLUS certified homes in 2012.

ASERusa, St. Louis, MO
Service areas (based on ENERGY STAR home reports): AZ, FL, IL, MO
ASERusa is located in St. Louis, Missouri and currently incorporates the Indoor airPLUS program into all of their presentations and job bids, as well as their ASERusa brochure, website, and job orders. ASERusa specializes in the support of national building programs. Their team has been successful with Indoor airPLUS due to their willingness to educate builders and consumers on the additional comfort that Indoor airPLUS delivers. ASERusa frames Indoor airPLUS as an easy step up from ENERGY STAR that delivers significant benefits to the consumer in improved indoor air quality. ASERusa makes pricing and cost analysis a priority when discussing the program with builders. When a builder knows what costs to expect, they are better able to make informed decisions and build Indoor airPLUS with confidence.

E3 Energy, LLC, Flagstaff, AZ
Service areas (based on ENERGY STAR home reports): AZ, CO, NM, PR
E3 Energy, an ENERGY STAR Partner since 2005, has significant experience helping builders construct modern, tight homes. As a dedicated Indoor airPLUS Partner and recurring award winner, they are able to sell Indoor airPLUS as an ideal way to build additional security in those tight homes. By controlling fresh air and minimizing pollutants in the home, E3 Energy and their builder partners can promote their Indoor airPLUS labeled homes as higher-performing, more durable, and healthier for the occupants.

Steven Winter Associates, Inc., Norwalk, CT
Service areas (based on ENERGY STAR home reports): CT, DC, DE, MA, NJ, NY, PA, RI
With offices in New York, Washington, DC and Connecticut, Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) provides not only third-party verification, but also consulting and advisory services for Indoor airPLUS builders. Their success with Indoor airPLUS stems from their work with builders in leveraging a preliminary design review before construction. SWA introduces Indoor airPLUS early in their process by incorporating the program in project kickoff meetings and educating their clients about the key features and benefits that the program provides: increased indoor air quality and increased durability.

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Congratulations to the 2012 Indoor airPLUS Leaders

Please join us in congratulating the 2012 Indoor airPLUS Leaders — all of which are among the Rater partners that verified and reported the most Indoor airPLUS certified homes in 2011.

ASERusa is located in St. Louis, Missouri and currently incorporates the Indoor airPLUS program into all of their presentations and job bids, as well as their ASERusa brochure, website, and job orders. ASERusa is committed to promoting Indoor airPLUS because the program helps to grow business by offering additional quality measures to new homes and it delivers the performance verification clients are looking for. In ASERusa's experience, builders like the additional features that Indoor airPLUS offers beyond ENERGY STAR Home Program and like to use the program as their path to Section-EQ of LEED for Homes Program.

E3 Energy
Indoor airPLUS has helped to position E3 Energy as an indoor air quality and energy efficiency leader in the southwest home building industry. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, E3 Energy prides themselves on successfully applying the principles and specifications of the Indoor airPLUS program to new construction and, as much as possible, to existing homes. E3 Energy offers the program to every new contractor they work with and presents the program as the missing link between energy efficiency and healthy homes. In their experience, builders appreciate the ability to provide healthier homes to their clients with Indoor airPLUS, and train their sales associates to help promote the program.

Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
With offices in New York, Washington, DC and Connecticut, Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) provides research, consulting and advisory services to improve commercial, residential and multifamily built environments for private and public sector clients. They use Indoor airPLUS to help educate building and design professionals about improving durability and indoor air quality in new homes. SWA engineers have found that it is easy to convey the importance of the specifications to the builders they work with by leveraging the design review process as an opportunity to explain the program and encourage builders to add Indoor airPLUS to their best practices. In SWA's experience, builders appreciate the simplicity of the checklist and construction specifications, and like the added confidence that callbacks will be reduced by adding the Indoor airPLUS label.

TexEnergy Solutions
TexEnergy Solutions is based in Irving, Texas. They believe that Indoor airPLUS has helped grow their business because the program has a basic practicality that is easily translated to builders and homeowners. In fact, they find that simply explaining the money-saving benefits of the program's features to builders and customers is the easiest way to communicate its value and sell the program. TexEnergy Solutions strongly encourages combining Indoor airPLUS with other certification programs and sees Indoor airPLUS as an additional opportunity that will help to improve their homebuilder client's business prospects in the future. In their experience, builders like the easy to understand features and benefits of Indoor airPLUS, and the clear cost/benefits of the program for buyers. In a world of increasing concern about the quality of air we breathe, they consider Indoor airPLUS a superior offering.

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Congratulations to the 2011 Indoor airPLUS Leaders

HERS winners 2011

From left to right: Francisco Reina, Lightly Treading; Tom Mahoney, EERA; Gary Fries, ASERusa; Eric Werling, EPA; Justin Erickson, E3 Energy; James Brauer, TexEnergy; Tim Bethel (from Alliance Energy Audit on behalf of energysmart.us.com); John Gillett, Energy Inspectors; Building Energy, Inc. (not pictured)

Energy Inspectors is a residential energy efficiency consulting, home energy rating and residential construction quality assurance company with offices in Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah. Energy Inspectors rates homes in 18 states and currently works with over 320 custom home builders, certifying homes throughout the West. For more information, visit www.energyinspectors.com .

Building Energy, Inc., based in Idaho, has over 32 years of experience as a full service energy conservation company. Building Energy specializes in auditing and retro-fitting commercial, industrial and residential buildings. For more information, visit www.buildingenergy.us .

energysmart.us.com is an energy focused technical organization based in Arlington, Texas. The company offers its customers a variety of services from thermal imaging for efficiency assessment and predictive maintenance to residential energy auditing and commercial benchmarking. For more information, visit http://energysmart.us.com .

TexEnergy Solutions was founded in 2002 and specializes in whole house building science, energy, environmental, comfort and indoor air quality issues. TexEnergy is a HERS Rater and Provider, and services the North Texas area. For more information, visit www.texenergy.org .

E3 Energy was created in 2002 in response to an increasing demand for effective building science tools and green construction practices. E3 Energy is committed to working with and educating private home-owners about lifestyles and building practices that improve the health and energy efficiency of their homes. E3 Energy services the Flagstaff area of Arizona. For more information, visit http://e3energyllc.com/ .

Energy and Environmental Ratings Alliance (EERA) is a HERS Provider organization based in Manhattan, Kansas, but operates in 26 states across the country. EERA offers a full range of home diagnostic services to its clients and provides raters professional development and continuous training options. For more information, visit www.kansasbuildingscience.com .

ASERusa is based in St. Louis, Missouri and specializes in building science and technology design, field verification and program rating services for National Building Performance Programs. More specifically, ASERusa offers Indoor Air Quality Design and verification and rating services to clients throughout the country. For more information, visit www.aserusa.com .

Lightly Treading is based in Denver, Colorado, and educates homeowners, builders, building science professionals and community members about energy efficiency and improved comfort in new and existing homes and small commercial buildings. Lightly Treading offers energy audits, HERS ratings, energy efficiency workshops, training certifications and system specific diagnostic testing. For more information, visit www.lightlytreading.com .

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Congratulations to the 2010 Indoor airPLUS HERS Leaders

hers winners

Damien Flattery (on behalf of Gary Fries, ASERusa); Kelly Parker, GWS Systems; Paul Kreisher, Lightly Treading; Rob Salcido, Architectural Energy Corporation; Tom Mahoney, Energy and Environmental Ratings Alliance; Justin Erickson, E3 Energy; Davis Energy Group (not pictured).

EPA had its first Indoor airPLUS recognition ceremony at RESNET's 2010 Building Performance Conference held Feb. 22-24, in Raleigh, N.C. The Indoor airPLUS program recognized seven verifier partners for outstanding leadership in verifying and promoting Indoor airPLUS certified homes. Out of 148 Indoor airPLUS verifier partners, these seven organizations led the way in certifying the most Indoor airPLUS homes. Their efforts are helping to create healthier and greener homes, advanced indoor air quality in residential construction, and provide the many benefits that Indoor airPLUS qualified homes offer to homeowners and families. Check out the award ceremony video here.

"The third party verification of the Indoor airPLUS label is huge, and that third party validation helps generate revenue for the raters. It also provides the builder with someone to take a look at each of those components making sure that those elements of Indoor airPLUS have been third party verified. If they are not involved with the program then they are missing an opportunity. Missing that opportunity means that you are not able to provide more services, so you've lost revenue." Kelly Parker, GWS Oklahoma.

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Note: Mention of trade names, products, or services does not convey, and should not be interpreted as conveying, official EPA approval, endorsement, or recommendation. EPA and EPA Indoor airPLUS are not responsible for information or communications provided by Partners.

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