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High Performance Homes and Indoor Air Quality with Gord Cooke, Construction Instruction and Nick Hurst, ICF International
This podcast was recorded prior to the 2015 National Association of Home Builders, International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gord Cooke is a leading expert in the energy efficient residential building industry and discusses the importance of indoor air quality in high performance homes. Facilitated by Nick Hurst, of ICF International, Gord delves into the nexus of high performance homes and indoor air quality, as well as emerging building science technologies. For more information about Gord Cooke and his work with high performance homes visit http://www.constructioninstruction.com

Zero Energy Ready Home Program and Indoor airPLUS with Sam Rashkin, Department of Energy and Nick Hurst, ICF International
Sam Rashkin is the Chief Architect for the Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office and oversees the DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home Program. Facilitated by Nick Hurst, of ICF International, Sam discusses the Zero Energy Ready Home Program and its relationship with the Indoor airPLUS Program and indoor air quality. He also discusses strategies for builders to market their high performance homes and communicate their value effectively to consumers. Zero Energy Ready Home

"Industry Leaders Report on Current New Homes Trends and Forecast the Future of the Housing Market with EEBA Board of Directors, Robert Broad and Gord Cooke of Building Knowledge
Facilitated by David Price (formerly with EPA), share current and future perspectives in the home building industry with regards to indoor air quality, building and labeling practices and consumer awareness of healthier homes. Broad and Cooke walk listeners through how the industry has taken a proactive stance towards redefining and evaluating what is effective in labels and standards and what is not. In addition, they discuss how to move forward with these labels and standards so that consumers are engaged, educated and living healthier lives. Read more about the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance at http://www.eeba.org/

Susan Susanka

(MP3, 21:58, 7.5 M) | Transcript

"Not So Big" Home Design Approach Combines Indoor Air Quality and Healthier Living with Sarah Susanka
Sarah Susanka, author of the "Not So Big House" series, discusses how finding and investing in a home that is built to last and healthy inside and out is about knowing how all the components of a home can affect overall quality of life. Educating contractors, architects, designers, and homeowners on programs like the Indoor airPLUS program and green building is key to addressing this problem. Understanding the whole home picture and making informed choices in design can greatly reduce the risk of living in a home with poor indoor air quality. Find out more about "Not So Big House" at http://www.notsobighouse.com/plans/index.asp Read more about Sarah Susanka at http://www.susanka.com/

Rebecca Morley

(MP3, 5:37, 2.57 M) | Transcript

Building Healthier Homes for Families with Rebecca Morley, National Center for Healthy Housing
Ms. Morley discusses her work in helping to create healthy and safe homes for children and their families. She explains how earning an Indoor airPLUS label is a step in the right direction toward ensuring good indoor air quality in a home and reducing health risks for its occupants. Builders and verifiers will learn how building Indoor airPLUS qualified new homes can combat the environmental triggers that you may find in an unhealthy home. Read more about the National Center for Healthy Housing at http://www.nchh.org/Home.aspx

Eric Werling

(MP3, 12:00, 11.2 M) | Transcript

Constructing Improved Homes with Indoor airPLUS with Eric Werling and David Price
Eric Werling (U.S. Dept. of Energy) and Dave Price (formerly with EPA) discuss the construction features and building techniques of Indoor airPLUS qualified homes, how the program benefits homebuilders, and why Indoor airPLUS qualified homes resonate with home buyers.

David Price

(MP3, 7:29, 7.2 M) | Transcript

Homebuyers' Concerned with Living Healthy at Home with David Price
Dave Price (formerly with EPA) discusses the importance of good indoor air quality and how builders can address home buyers' concerns about the air quality in new homes with EPAs Indoor airPLUS program. Builders also will learn how building healthier and green homes can distinguish them in the housing market.

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Verifier Perspectives Series

Justin Erikson

(MP3, 16:49, 7.9 M) | Transcript

Becoming an Indoor airPLUS Verifier with Justin Erickson of E3 Energy

Justin Erickson of E3 Energy and an Indoor airPLUS recognized leader, shares the benefits of incorporating Indoor airPLUS into new homes for verifier, builders, and consumers. You will learn why E3 Energy began building healthier homes and how the company has expanded over the years by adding Indoor airPLUS features to its new homes. Erikson also discusses his role as a verifier in working with builders and promoting the ease and benefits of building Indoor airPLUS homes. Verifiers and builders will learn more about the process of building and verifying an Indoor airPLUS qualified home as well as how to become an Indoor airPLUS verifier. Erickson gives insight into the Indoor airPLUS program that only a seasoned verifier can provide.

E3 Energy is a recognized 2010 and 2011 Indoor airPLUS HERS Leader. Read about the winners.

Gary Fries

(MP3, 3:22, 1.6 M) | Transcript

Improving Air Quality Through Indoor airPLUS with Gary Fries of ASERusa

Gary Fries of ASERusa discusses how verifiers and builders differentiate themselves by building and verifying EPA's Indoor airPLUS qualified homes especially in the mid-west. Verifiers will learn how the Indoor airPLUS label, which is the highest standard in indoor air quality construction, is a common sense approach to satisfying consumer demand for healthier homes.

ASERusa is a recognized 2010 and 2011 Indoor airPLUS HERS Leader. Read about the winners.

Kelly Parker

(MP3, 4:41, 2 M) | Transcript

Taking the Home Verification Industry to a New Level with Kelly Parker of GWS Systems

Kelly Parker, President of Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems Incorporated, a leading Indoor airPLUS verifying organization, discusses how the Indoor airPLUS labeling program is advantageous for the home rating industry and a growing concern of customers. Verifiers and builders will learn how easy Indoor airPLUS is to implement and how it allows them to increase the services they offer and take building practices to a new level.

GWS Systems is a recognized 2010 Indoor airPLUS HERS Leader. Read about the winners.

Paul Kreisher

(MP3, 5:53, 2.7 M) | Transcript

Evolving Your Business and Getting to Your Bottom line with Paul Kreisher of Lightly Treading

Anne Rancourt speaks with Paul Kreisher of Lightly Treading Incorporated on evolving your business and getting to your bottom line. Lightly Treading is the leader in rating Indoor airPLUS homes in Colorado.

Lightly Treading, Inc. is a recognized 2010 and 2011 Indoor airPLUS HERS Leader. Read about the winners.

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