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EPA’s International Priorities

The Environmental Protection Agency has a long history of international collaboration on a wide range of global environmental issues. In recent years, EPA’s bilateral and multilateral partnerships have taken on new significance in the face of shared environmental and governance challenges, such as global climate change and improving children’s environmental health outcomes.

It is our vision that environmental progress in cooperation with global partners can catalyze even greater progress toward protecting our domestic environment including adapting to climate change, ensuring national security, facilitating commerce, promoting sustainable development, and engaging diplomatically around the world. To advance all of these goals, EPA has identified the following six international priorities.

Combating Climate Change by Limiting Pollutants


EPA has taken important steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home, but the global challenge of climate change requires a global solution. To make significant progress in reducing the effects of climate change, pollution must be cut throughout the world.

EPA will promote global strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants such as methane from landfills and black carbon from cookstoves. These pollutants are damaging especially vulnerable regions such as the Himalayan glaciers and the Arctic.

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