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IRIS Bimonthly Public Science Meeting (October 2014)

NOTICE: EPA is announcing the October IRIS Bimonthly Public Science Meeting which will take place on October 29-30, 2014, in Arlington, VA. Meeting registration is now open.

UPDATE October 15, 2014: The Agenda for the October 29-30, 2014 IRIS Bimonthly Public Science Meeting is posted and selected key science questions have been modified based on suggestions received from stakeholders. Specifically, the following science questions have been modified:

Persons interested in participating as an opening discussant on the new key science question, or as an opening discussant for the questions that have been modified, should e-mail EPA_IRIS@icf.com no later than October 24, 2014.

At the October meeting, materials related to the following chemicals will be discussed:

Note: The Cr(VI) materials released for this meeting are the second set of preliminary materials released on this chemical. The materials include updated information on the literature search and screening strategy, approaches for the selection of human studies of Cr(VI) for hazard identification, presentation of critical human studies in evidence tables, and a preliminary summary of toxicokinetic and mechanistic studies pertinent to the assessment of Cr(VI). The first set of preliminary materials released in April 2014, Preliminary Materials for the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Toxicological Review of Hexavalent Chromium Part 1: Experimental Animal Studies, presented the planning and scoping summary, problem formulation information, and evidence tables for experimental animal data for the health effects of Cr(VI).

Meeting Objective:

IRIS bimonthly public science meetings allow the public the opportunity to provide input and participate in discussions about problem formulation, preliminary assessment materials, and draft IRIS assessments.

The objective of this public meeting is to obtain input from the scientific community and the public on studies and data that will be used in the assessments that are under development.  Specifically, EPA is seeking input on preliminary materials including draft literature searches and associated search strategies, the approach for selecting primary studies to be included in the evidence tables, the approach for evaluating methodological features of studies, evidence tables, exposure-response arrays, and the science questions identified for discussion prior to development of the assessment. 


The meeting will be held in the EPA Conference Center at 2777 South Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22202. The meeting will also be available by webinar/teleconference.


The meeting is scheduled for October 29-30, 2014. The duration of the meeting (1 or 2 days) will be determined by the level of stakeholder participation and registration and will be specified when the final agenda is posted.

How you can participate in the October Meeting:

Register by September 29, 2014 to participate as an opening discussant on one or more science questions.

  1. Suggest additional key science questions that you would like discussed by September 29, 2014.
  2. Send written comments [see docket links by chemical] by October 15, 2014.
  3. Discussants who intend to use summary visual aids should submit them to the appropriate chemical docket and e-mail a copy to EPA_IRIS@icfi.com no later than October 22, 2014.
  4. Register to attend by October 24, 2014.

Public Participation:

The IRIS Program uses a meeting format intended to promote public discussion. This format emphasizes conversational exchanges over presentations, with slides used mainly to present concepts and data via figures and tables. We would like to hear the full range of scientific perspectives during these discussions. Accordingly, we request that no more than two individuals from the same organization register as opening discussants on any particular topic. After the opening discussants have had a turn, all meeting participants will be welcome to join the discussion.

To provide a reasonable opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in a thoughtful public dialogue on the scientific questions, and to help ensure they have enough time to adequately prepare prior to the meeting, EPA would like to make all comments and meeting visual aids available to the public prior to the meeting. Therefore, meeting participants are requested to submit these materials to the appropriate chemical docket in advance of the October public meeting. Materials submitted to the docket will become available to the public shortly after submission. To provide time for all participants to prepare to contribute to the dialogue, the latest dates to submit materials to the dockets are October 15 for written comments and October 22 for summary visual aids to be used during the meeting.

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