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IRIS Public Stakeholder Meeting

EPA held a public stakeholder meeting on November 13, 2012, in Arlington Virginia, on the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Program. The goal of the meeting was to hear the views of the IRIS Program's many stakeholders about IRIS and changes that are underway to improve the Program.

We are committed to proactively engaging stakeholders, increasing transparency, and using the best available science to develop IRIS assessments. This public meeting was the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about IRIS. Environmental protection decisions, based in part on EPA's IRIS assessments, can have potentially large impacts on the environment, human health and the economy. Because of this, it is important that EPA benefit from stakeholder and scientific engagement to support the best decisions possible.

Click to download the final summary report from the IRIS Stakeholders Engagement Meeting Nov 2012 (PDF) (11pp, 739Kb)
(PDF, 11pp, 739Kb,
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Summary Report:

On November, 13, 2012, EPA convened a public stakeholder meeting to discuss the IRIS Program. The meeting was held in person at EPA’s Potomac Yards facility in Arlington, VA, and by webinar/teleconference.  More than 450 individuals, from a wide variety of organizations from multiple sectors, participated in the meeting. Stakeholders provided comments on several aspects of the IRIS Program, including communication, transparency, throughput, trust, stakeholder engagement, and others. 

A summary of the meeting, including information about stakeholders’ comments, is provided in the Summary Report for the IRIS Public Stakeholder Meeting (PDF) (11pp, 739Kb). This meeting was intended to be a first step in an ongoing dialogue between the IRIS Program and stakeholders.  Since that time, EPA has announced enhancements to the IRIS Program, which include increased opportunities for public and stakeholder dialogue.  Information about upcoming public meetings is available on the IRIS website.

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