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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
Palm City Business Plaza
4251 SW High Meadows
Palm City, FL 34990
United States
Professional Services
Engineering/Design; Construction/Installation; O&M; Financial Consulting/Analysis
Primary Contact
Mr. Duncan Cox duncan.cox@greengas.net
Phone: (561) 301-7181

Green Gas Americas provides fully integrated solutions to the owners and operators of coal mines and landfill sites to reduce methane emissions. The services include gas collection, mine gas drainage, project implementation and management, operations and maintenance, and financing, as well as generation of emission reduction credits. This not only improves productivity and safety for Green Gas Americas' partners, but eliminates harmful greenhouse gases and provides environmental friendly electricity and heat. Green Gas Americas is part of the Green Gas International B. V. Group with headquarters in London.
Additional Contact(s)
Mr. Richard Ebeling richard.ebeling@greengas.net
Phone: (772) 220-0717

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