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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Sargent & Lundy LLC

Organization Address
55 E. Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603
United States
Professional Services
Engineering/Design; Financial Consulting/Analysis
Primary Contact
Mr. Clifford J. Kozak clifford.j.kozak@sargentlundy.com
Senior Consultant
Phone: (312) 269-3606

Sargent & Lundy is a consulting engineering firm in the power industry that has a division that works with renewable energy projects, including LFG energy projects. Typically, they provide technical and/or financial consulting services to assist an owner of a power plant (including LFG energy plants) in developing, building, acquiring, or refurbishing a given power plant or site. They have experience with LFG turbine and engine projects. Additionally, they evaluate alternate power generation options for utilities, including renewables such as LFG.

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