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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Summary of Dialogue with Environmental Justice Community At the 2008 TRI National Training Conference

February 13, 2008
Arlington, Virginia

At the 2008 TRI National Training Conference, a second dialogue session was held with representatives of several organizations involved with environmental justice (EJ) issues.

Representatives from: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), WE-ACT for Environmental Justice (NY), United Puerto Rican Organization of Sunset Park (UPROSE) (New York), New Jersey Environmental Justice Network, Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) (Minnesota), Landloss (North Carolina), Harambee House (Georgia), and Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (Illinois).

EJ Participant 1:

EPA Participant 1:  Have you used our website?

EPA Participant 1:  Who would have credibility?  Who would you trust?

EJ Participant 5

EJ Participant 3

EPA Participant 2

EJ Participant 1

EPA Participant 1:  In developing tools, who should we design it for?  (i.e., leadership, who to train on technology, etc.)

EJ Participant 6

EJ Participant 4 - Need to transfer EJ knowledge to youth

EJ Participant 5- train librarians on TRI data so the library becomes the repository for environmental information

Next Steps:  EJ participants to work with EPA to coordinate conference call to continue the dialogue.


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