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Benchmark Dose Software (BMDS)

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Steps to using BMDS

The use of BMDS involves four basic steps:

  • Step 1: Create a data set using BMDS spreadsheet facility, or import a data set from text, Excel or Lotus spreadsheet file.
  • Step 2: Select appropriate model based on type of data being evaluated.
  • Step 3: Specify run options and parameters for selected model.
  • Step 4: Run Model and view textual and graphical results.

To run multiple models simultaneously, use the new Session Screen to setup and execute the desired runs.

Complete documentation for use of BMDS is provided within the program's online help facility. Hard copy documentation can be downloaded via the link provided below.

Another resource for dose-response modeling is the PROASTExit EPA Disclaimer software developed by the Netherlands' National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). PROASTExit EPA Disclaimer requires R or S-plus to run, but has some advantages over BMDS, including the ability to include co-variates in an analysis. The USEPA and RIVM are working together to achieve consistency between the BMDS and PROASTExit EPA Disclaimer software.

Additional resources are the Microsoft Excel-based WizardExit EPA Disclaimer and DRAGONExit EPA Disclaimer software products developed by ICF International. The WizardExit EPA Disclaimer is a tool which simplifies BMD modeling by providing a structured interface to maintain all inputs, outputs, and decisions made in the BMD modeling process. DRAGONExit EPA Disclaimer facilitates the management of a large database of experimental study information, including study selection, endpoint selection, dosimetry conversions, and BMD modeling results.

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