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EPA-Expo-Box (A Toolbox for Exposure Assessors)


Frequent Questions

What is EPA-Expo-Box?

EPA-Expo-Box is a compendium of exposure assessment tools that provides links to exposure assessment guidance, data bases, models, references, and related links in a logically-organized, user friendly format. It provides one-stop shopping for access to exposure assessment tools, and techniques, and other related resources.

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Who is likely to use EPA-Expo-Box?

EPA-Expo-Box makes exposure assessment information readily available to EPA, other government entities, and the wider public.

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Who developed EPA-Expo-Box?

The Toolbox was designed by EPA's Office of Research and Development, National Center of Environmental Assessment, in collaboration with other EPA scientists. EPA-Expo-Box contains links to guidance documents, databases, models, and other resources developed by various EPA offices, as well as other government agencies. Reference materials from the scientific literature are also included where appropriate.

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How do I use EPA-Expo-Box?

EPA-Expo-Box is comprised of 6 Tool Sets (Approaches, Media, Routes, Tiers and Types, Lifestages and Populations, and Chemical Classes), each containing a series of modules that represent some aspect of exposure assessment. From the EPA-Expo-Box homepage, select the exposure assessment approach, or other category that best describes the assessment that you intend to conduct. Use the navigation menu to locate relevant guidance documents, databases, models, or other resources. Tabs at the top of each page may be used to navigate among topics. A search interface is available on the home page to allow users to identify tools using keywords.

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What are some of the potential uses of EPA-Expo-Box?

The primary purpose of the Toolbox is to provide a comprehensive resource for those conducting exposure assessments. Some possible uses include:

  • Chemical-specific assessments - The Toolbox could be used to develop chemical-specific exposure assessments.
  • Prioritization - Data or resources provided in the Toolbox could be used to prioritize or provide support for chemicals undergoing review by EPA programs.
  • Total exposure - Toolbox resources may also be useful in assisting EPA in its consideration of exposure to multiple contaminants or sources (e.g., cumulative exposures).

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When was EPA-Expo-Box developed and how often is it updated?

EPA began to develop EPA-Expo-Box in 2011 and released it to the public in 2013. EPA plans to add exposure assessment resources to EPA-Expo-Box as they become available.

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Will additional modules be added to the toolbox in the future?

EPA may consider adding additional modules at some point in the future. Users will be notified via the EPA-Expo-Box mailing list, if and when, any of these updates occur.

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How can I find out about updates to EPA-Expo-Box?

EPA has a mailing list to notify users of updates as they become available. You may sign up for this from the home page (link under Sign Up for Mailing List).

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Who can I contact regarding technical questions about EPA-Expo-Box?

EPA's technical contact for EPA-Expo-Box is Linda Phillips who may be reached at (703) 347-0366 or phillips.linda@epa.gov. For technical support, you may contact NCEA's webmaster at webmaster.risk@epa.gov.

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