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EPA-Expo-Box (A Toolbox for Exposure Assessors)

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Consumer Products


Chemicals in consumer products can be a source of human exposure. They can be released into the environment as a result of their manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal. Human exposure can occur through intentional direct contact (such as applying cosmetics or other personal care products to the skin); unintentional direct contact (e.g., contact with laundry detergent or surface cleaner while in use or contact with pesticides from products used for gardening, lawn care, or pest control in the home); or indirect contact (e.g., off-gassing from furniture or other materials; cleaning product residue on surfaces, clothing). These contaminants can also result in general environmental contamination when they migrate to environmental media such as air (indoor and outdoor); soil and dust; aquatic media (groundwater, surface water, wastewater); and biota, including those that are used as a source of food such as fruits, vegetables, and fish. For additional information on the sources of contaminants for these media, see the Air, Soil and Dust, Water and Sediment, Food, and Aquatic Biota Modules in the Media Tool Set of EPA-Expo-Box.

Resources that provide information on contaminants found in consumer products are listed below.

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