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NOW with Bill Moyers: Kids and Chemicals (excerpt 2)


"NOW with Bill Moyers: Kids and Chemicals (excerpt 2)"

Produced by PBS

Length: 1:16

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Transcript of Segment

Full Transcript exit EPA

In this excerpt from the hour-long program, "Kids and Chemicals," Dr. Philip Landrigan, co-Principal Investigator of the Mount Sinai Children's Center says that injuries and cancer are leading causes of mortality for children in the U.S. and developmental disabilities including ADD and dyslexia are prevalent.Landrigan says exposure to chemicals in the environment such as lead, mercury, pesticides and PCBs can cause some of these disabilities, but much is still unknown.Dr. Landrigan explains that even a small exposure to a toxic chemical can have profound effects on a child's health, depending on the amount and the timing of the exposure in the child's early development.

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