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A Breath of Air: What Pollution is Doing to Our Children

"A Breath of Air: What Pollution is Doing to Our Children"

Co-produced by the USC/UCLA Children's Center and the California
Air Resources Board, 2002

Length: 3:56

File: Flash Video File
(55.5 MB, 640x480, 3:56)


The California Air Resources Board began planning the Children's Health Study in 1991 to determine the health impacts of chronic air pollution exposure on children and teenagers. In 1998, utilizing data from the same children, the USC/UCLA Children's Center began investigations of the impact of air pollution and environmental tobacco smoke on respiratory disease, concentrating on asthma, susceptibility and genetic factors.

This segment contains interviews with a mother, Toni Taylor, whose four children all have asthma; another mother, Robin Coutu, who has a daughter with asthma; Penny Newman, Executive Director of the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice; and USC Associate Professor James Gauderman, who leads the statistical analysis team for the study. The CHS has found that children who are raised in the most polluted areas have diminished lung function growth.

Available by free download or DVD from http://www.arb.ca.gov/research/health/school/chs-vpform.htm

The video will load automatically but please be patient - depending on your connection speed it may take up to a few minutes to start.

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