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EPAVenture Capital Community Summit: Exploring Programs to Commercialize Environmental Technology

Ronald Reagan Building
International Gateway Room on the Mezzanine Level
1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20004

November 12, 2008

Print Version (PDF) (2 pp, 8K, about PDF)

EPA Senior Career Managers

  1. Barry Breen
    Deputy Assistant Administrator
    Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
  2. Rob Brenner – Co-Chair
    Director, Office of Policy Analysis and Review
    Office of Air and Radiation
  3. Walt Kovalick
    Assistant Regional Administrator for Resources Management
    Region 5 (Chicago)
  4. Ira Leighton
    Deputy Regional Administrator
    Region 1 (Boston)
  5. Mike Shapiro
    Deputy Assistant Administrator
    Office of Water
  6. Larry Starfield
    Deputy Regional Administrator
    Region 6 (Dallas)
  7. Kevin Teichman
    Deputy Assistant Administrator for Science
    Office of Research and Development
  8. Pai-Yei Whung
    Chief Scientist
    Office of the Science Advisor

Senior Venture Capitalists

  1. Andrew de Pass
    Managing Director
    Sustainable Development InvestmentsCiti Alternative Investments
  2. John DeVillars
    BlueWave Strategies
  3. Hank Habicht – Co-Chair
    Managing Partner
    SAIL Venture Partners
  4. Eric McAfee
    Managing Director
    Cagan McAfee Capital Partners
  5. Chuck McDermott
    General Partner
    RockPort Capital Partners
  6. John Preston
    Senior Lecturer
    MIT Entrepreneurship Center
  7. Rosemary Ripley
    Managing Director
    NGEN Partners
  8. Dan Watts
    Executive Director
    Otto H. York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science
    New Jersey Institute of Technology


Emily Baker
Federal Policy and Political Advocacy
National Venture Capital Association

Drew Bond
Director for Commercialization & Deployment
Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Department of Energy

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