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Title: U.S. EPA Collaborative Science and Technology Network for Sustainability - CNS - Progress Review Workshop
Date: Tuesday, October 18 - Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Location: Holiday Inn Rosslyn @ Key Bridge
1900 N. Fort Myer Drive
Arlington, VA 22209
Contact: Diana Bauer
(202) 343-9759

Tina Conley

Purpose: EPA's National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) is sponsoring the first grantees meeting to discuss the new grants program called the Collaborative Science and Technology Network for Sustainability (CNS). As most of the grantees have just started their projects, one purpose of the meeting is to introduce their work to each other, to EPA, and to all interested stakeholders. The other purpose of the meeting is to present and discuss EPA information and resources that can support CNS and similar projects. More detailed meetings on the individual projects will be held on the second day.

CNS is a cornerstone of EPA’s Office of Research and Development transition to sustainability. The CNS program enables grantees and EPA to collaborate in exploring and learning about new approaches to environmental protection that are systems oriented, forward looking, preventive, and collaborative. CNS addresses long-term sustainability in terms of quality, availability, and viability of resources, including energy, materials and ecosystems. CNS will be a testing ground for scientifically based tools and approaches that could enable a sustainable future at a regional scale.

Please mark your calendars for this very exciting meeting!

Registration: http://www.scgcorp.com/Collaborative/registration.asp exit EPA
Logistics: view Logistics
Agenda: view Draft Agenda
Other Links: http://www.epa.gov/ncer/cns

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