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Planet Forward, a project of the Center for Innovative Media at The George Washington University, is a web site where experts and engaged citizens weigh in on energy, climate and sustainability. Ideas are collected and voted on , and the best ideas are featured online and on TV. In a recent blog, Planet Forward reached out to the student teams currently competing in EPA's People, Prosperity, and Planet (P3) contest. Planet Forward mentioned the following teams in their blog:

"Jennine Terrell, Dimple Kundiyana and Karithikeyan Ramachandriya from Oklahoma State University are using wind and carbon dioxide to produce ethanol. Funding from the EPA has allowed Moe Alahmad and his team at the University of NebraskaOmaha to develop a real-time monitor and controller to influence energy conservation behavior by impulse saving. Participation in the P3 competition has made it possible for Doug Douchon and his colleagues at UC-Riverside to investigate the possibility converting campus waste streams into locally used energy products through steam hydrogasification and methane reformation. In addition, the University of Arkansas has come up with a great way to turn algae into biofuel. Their hope is to find a more sensible way to drive energy efficiency based on the rate which algae grow. Columbia University and Engineers without Borders (CU-EWB) worked with the village of Obodan, Ghana to improve sanitation and access to water resources while focusing on developing methods to convert waste to energy via source-separated latrines. Funding provided by the EPA has allowed Mickey Clemon and his group at Kansas University to research a way to use electric vehicles as a flexible storage source for energy in a smart grid, and using renewable energy to offset the demand for central electric generation."

The ideas receiving the highest number of votes on Planet Forward will be featured on their PBS Earth Day Special in April.

For more info on Planet Forward:
http://www.planetforward.org/ exit EPA

Full text of the Planet Forward Blog on P3:
http://planetforward.org/2011/02/11/people-prosperity-and-the-planet/#more-4181 exit EPA

For more info on the P3 Competition:

View videos:

The Columbia University Chapter of Engineers without Borders (CU-EWB)
View video: Flash Movie (1:38, 9.47 M) | Podcast (1:38, 9.1 M) | Window Media Player (1:38, 4.9 M)
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University of NebraskaOmaha
View video: Flash Movie w/CC (3:54, 15.7 M) | Podcast (3:54, 23.9 M) | Window Media Player (3:54, 16.9 M)
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University of Arkansas
View video: Flash Movie w/CC (2:06, 12.3 M) | Podcast (2:06, 12.2 M) | Window Media Player (2:06, 12.2 M)
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Oklahoma State University
View video: Flash Movie w/CC (1:11, 10.6 M) | Podcast (1:11, 8.19 M) | Window Media Player (1:11, 6.23 M)
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