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SBIR recipient, Cambrian Innovations wins 2012 Artemis Top 50 Award

Cambrian Innovations, recipient of a 2006 Phase 1 and a 2011 Phase 2 research contract under EPA’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program has been selected for the 2012 Artemis Top 50 Water Tech Listing.

Biofuels like ethanol may be ecologically friendlier than oil, but every liter of this green fuel creates 10 to 14 liters of not so ecologically friendly wastewater. Finding a successful way to treat the waste without creating even more hazardous byproducts is admirable enough, but Cambrian Innovations, a Massachusetts based startup partly funded by the EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, has found a way to also generate electricity during the procedure, energy that can then be fed back into the into the process, conserving resources at either end.

The Artemis Top 50 is selected by Artemis Water Strategy, a consulting firm with an expertise in water management and advanced water technology.

Artemis Water Strategy™ works with global corporations to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through operational excellence in water management and assist advanced water technology companies in maximizing the value they bring to their customers.

Bio-Electrochemical Systems for Ethanol Wastewater Treatment
Energy Efficient Ethanol Stillage Treatment using a Bio-Electrochemical System
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The Artemis Project Top 50 Unveils 2012’s Most Promising Water Tech Start-Ups (2 pp, 168 K)

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