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Two STAR Grantees Receive Awards at AAAR Conference

At the 2012 American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) conference two STAR Grantees from EPA’s National Center for Environmental Research received the Kenneth T. Whitby Award and the Benjamin Y. H. Liu Awards.

The 2012 Kenneth T. Whitby Award is given to a young scientist for their contributions to “aerosol science and technology.” This year’s recipient has been a part of several STAR grantee teams and is currently an Associate Professor at MIT. Jesse Kroll is considered “a leader among the young generation of aerosol scientists and atmospheric chemist”.

The Benjamin Y.H. Liu award was given to Da-Ren Chen of Washington University in St. Louis. This award is given to scientists advancing technology and methodology in the field of aerosol research. Dr. Chen and his team was awarded a STAR grant this year for their work on the “Development of Cost-Effective, Compact Electrical Ultrafine Particle (eUFP) Sizes and Wireless eUFP Sensor Network”.

For a look at this year’s awardees visit: American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

For more information on STAR Grants visit: Extramural Research
Emissions of gas-phase low-volatility organic compounds (LVOCs) from mobile sources
Development of Cost-effective, Compact Electrical Ultrafine Particle (eUFP) Sizers and Wireless eUFP Sensor Network

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