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Ecovative’s biodegradable styrofoam replacement business is mushrooming!

Ecovative factory worker with packaging mold Ecovative Designs, a 2010 SBIR Phase 1 Award winner, was recently covered by CBS News because of its novel approach to creating biodegradable insulation and packaging materials. Ecovative uses agricultural waste and mushroom roots or mycelium to create a biodegradable replacement for styrofoam. Ecovative is now expanding its production facilities by adding a 2nd factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa later this month in addition to its original location in Green Island, New York

View the CBS News Videos:CBS News Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

For more information on U.S. EPA’s SBIR Program: EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

For more information on Ecovative’s SBIR research projects:

  • Testing the Viability of Agricultural Byproducts as a Replacement for Mineral Particles in a Novel, Low Embodied Energy, Construction Material [Phase I | Phase II]
  • Growth of a Fungal Biopolymer to Displace Common Synthetic Polymers and Exotic Woods [Phase I]

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