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EPA SBIR Recipient -- Winner of the 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Faraday’s Savidra Lucatero (from left), Timothy Hall, and Stephen Snyder are at work in the company’s pilot-scale chrome-plating facility.
Credit: Faraday Technology
Faraday Technology, a 2011 Environmental Protection Agency Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) recipient, was recently announced as a winner of the 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards.  Their research has provided a non-carcinogenic replacement for high-performance use, chrome plating, commonly used with aircraft parts. EPA sponsors the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards to recognize cutting-edge Green Chemistry technologies developed by industrial pioneers and leading scientists across the nation. These technologies are contributing to the use of chemicals and products that are safer for people’s health and the environment.  They are helping to solve some of our most pressing environmental problems, including climate change, water availability and pollution, and hazardous waste while improving the bottom line for America’s manufacturing sector. To learn more about Faraday technology and their Green Chemistry award visit, 2013 Small Business Award.

To learn more about Faraday’s most recent SBIR award visit, Functional Chrome Coatings on Hard to Access, Internal Surfaces of Industrial Parts from an Environmentally Benign Trivalent Chromium Bath

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