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2005 STAR Graduate Fellowship Conference Posters

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Civil & Environmental Engineering | Environmental Sciences | Geology | Marine Sciences | Molecular Biology | Sociology

Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Transient Biogeochemical Cycling and Sediment Oxygen Demand
    Lee D. Bryant, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    PDF (1 pp, 529K) | Project Abstract

Environmental Sciences

  • Development of a Novel Assay to Test Environmental Contaminates on Vascular Growth, Differentiation, and Stabilization
    Adam C. Straub, University of Pittsburgh - Main Campus
    PDF (1 pp, 306 K) | Project Abstract


  • Strontium Isotopic Tracing Of Coal Bed Natural Gas Product Water To Determine Potential Beneficial Uses And Recharge Into Shallow Groundwater Systems
    Elizabeth Brinck, University of Wyoming
    PDF (1 pp, 378K) | Project Abstract

Marine Sciences

  • Behavioral and Physiological Responses of Blue Crabs to Episodic Hypoxia: A Mechanistic Approach for Linking Water Quality, Physiology, Behavior, and Population-Level Consequences
    Geoffrey W. Bell, North Carolina State University
    PDF (1 pp, 281K) | Project Abstract

Molecular Biology

  • Selection of High-Affinity Synergistic Antibodies from a Phage Display scFv Immune Library
    Elizabeth R. Abboud, Tulane University of Louisiana
    PDF (1pp, 571 K) | Project Abstract


  • Wildfire Risk Reduction: Homeowners and Decision-Making in the Wildland Urban Interface
    Hannah Brenkert, University of Colorado at Boulder
    PDF (1 pp, 223K) | Project Abstract

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