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Extramural Research

2005 GRO Graduate Fellowships

Fellowship Key Links
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Graduate Solicitations
2015 EPA STAR Graduate Fellowships EPA STAR Graduate Fellowship Handbook
Undergraduate Solicitations
2015 EPA GRO Undergraduate Fellowships GRO Fellowship and Internship Handbook (PDF) (34 pp, 752 K)
Graduate Fellowship Recipient List
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GRO Undergraduate Fellowship Recipient List
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Grantee Research Project Results

Extramural Research Search

University Applicant Name Disciplines State
City University New York Porter, M. Geography NY
Clemson University Sundberg, S. Environmental Engineering SC
College of William & Mary Long, W. Biological Oceanography VA
Colorado School of Mines Stetson, S. Environmental Geochemistry CO
Florida International University Pirone, C. Terrestrial Systems Ecology FL
Michigan Technological University Bump, J. Terrestrial Systems Ecology MI
Oklahoma State McGlinn, D. Ecology NC
Oklahoma State Williams, D.

Atmospheric Sciences

Portland State University Smith, S. Biological Sciences OR
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Goldstein, C Forest Hydrology IL
Texas Tech University Patrick, L. Ecology TX
Tulane University Abboud, E. Molecular Biology LA
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Patton, J. Geology AR
University of California - Merced Cisneros, R. Atmospheric Sciences CA
University of California - Riverside Hwang, Y. Microbiology CA
University of California - Santa Cruz Henry, W. Toxicology CA
University of California - Santa Cruz Langsner, M. Toxicology CA
University of California - Santa Cruz Sosa, T. Ocean Sciences CA
University of South Carolina at Columbia Deutsch, D. Chemical Engineering, Heterogeneous Catalysis SC
University of Tennessee - Knoxville Wiggins, G. Terrestrial Systems Ecology TN
University of Texas at Arlington Huestis, D. Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics PA

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