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  1. I applied to the program in 2002 and was told that my application was rated "excellent." Do I automatically receive a fellowship now?

    No. There will be no automatic approval of fellowships. We are reviewing the list of applications that received a score of "excellent" and are selecting candidates using the following criteria:

    1. Geographic distribution across states
    2. Distribution across universities
    3. Projected environmental workforce needs
    4. Relevance of proposed study and research to EPA's mission
    5. Availability of funds.

    Those individuals who meet those criteria will be called to determine their educational status and need for continued support.

  2. When will I know if I will receive a fellowship?

    NCER plans to make final decisions by April 30, 2003. At that time, we will ask for formal application packages. The award is not official until EPA sends an award offer and that offer is signed and returned. We estimate that award offers will be sent in mid-August.

  3. When I applied in 2002, I was an entering Master's student. My application was judged excellent. I have deferred my Masters program due to inadequate funds. Why can't I get a fellowship?

    You are welcome to apply to the program again for the 2004/2005 school year. For the 2003/2004 year, however, we are limiting support only to doctoral level candidates.

  4. When will the next request for applications be published?

    We expect the request for applications to be available in mid-summer 2003. It will cover fellowships that begin in August 2004. We suggest that you bookmark this page and check it often. The request for applications will be available in downloadable form. We will also post any status updates on this page.

  5. Will there be any changes in the provisions of the program?

    There will be no fundamental changes to the program. Discussions are now underway regarding certain administrative provisions. Any minor changes made to the program will be highlighted in the request for applications and posted on this web site.

  6. My application was rated excellent in 2002. I accepted another fellowship when the STAR program funds did not come through. If I am still eligible for the STAR fellowship, can I still keep my other fellowship?

    If your other assistance comes from a federal source, you must choose between the fellowships. Under our program rules, fellows may not receive any other federal assistance in addition to the STAR fellowship.

  7. Can I defer the start of my STAR fellowship until my other one runs out?

    Our program rules call for fellows to begin in the fall term after selection. Due to the unusual circumstances, it is possible that we may allow deferrals for up to six months but that decision has not yet been made.

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