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Nanotechnology: Green Manufacturing

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Green Manufacturing - Technologies incorporating the principles of green chemistry and engineering.

Nanotechnology offers the possibility of changing the manufacturing process in 2 ways: Incorporating nanotechnology for efficient, controlled manufacturing would drastically reduce waste products; and the use of nanomaterials as catalysts for greater efficiency in current manufacturing processes by minimizing or eliminating the use of toxic materials and the generation of undesirable by-products and effluents. Research may involve nanotechnology related to improved industrial processes and starting material requirements, development of new chemical and industrial procedures, and materials to replace current hazardous constituents and processes, resulting in reductions in energy, materials, and waste generation. Potential examples of types of nanotechnology research that may lead to reduction or elimination of pollutants of concern include atomic-level synthesis of new and improved catalysts for industrial processes; adding information into molecules (analogous to DNA) that build new molecules; self-assembling molecules as the foundation for new chemicals and materials; and building molecules "just in time" in microscale reactors. Nanotechnology further offers the possibility of efficient alternative energy production through the development solar cells, fuel cells, etc… Furthermore, the use of nanotechnology may streamline manufacturing processes to require less energy than existing processes.

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