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Challenges from a wide range of categories are considered for P3 proposals. Proposals can include, but are not limited to, the technical challenges listed as examples in the category descriptions below. All projects, regardless of category, should be student-led with faculty involvement, as appropriate and necessary.

Categories include:

  • Agriculture (e.g., irrigation practices, reduction or elimination of pesticides)
  • Materials and chemicals (e.g., materials conservation; renewable, bio-based feedstocks; inherently benign materials and chemicals through green engineering and green chemistry; biotechnology; recovery and reuse of materials through product, process, or system design)
  • Energy (e.g., reduction in air emissions through innovative strategies for energy production and energy distribution; energy conservation; inherently benign energy through green chemistry, green engineering; biotechnology)
  • Information technology (e.g., delivery of and access to environmental performance, technical, educational, or public health information related environmental decision-making)
  • Water (e.g., water quality, quantity, conservation, availability, and access)
  • Built environment (e.g., environmental benefits through innovative green buildings, transportation and mobility strategies, and smart growth as it results in reduced vehicle miles traveled or reduces storm water runoff)

Challenges related to population growth and medical care, while important, are not included in this competition (other than the delivery or distribution systems of knowledge, goods, and supplies).

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