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Extramural Research

Publications & Proceedings: Science in Our Region - STAR Environmental Seminars - Region 5 Presentations

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Dr. William Farland, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Science, Office of Research and Development
View Presentation (PDF) (14 pp, 5.23 MB) or PowerPoint 7.1MB

Greg Pratt, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Personal Exposure to 12 VOC species as well as PM 2.5 -
View Presentation (PDF) (53 pp, 1.74MB) or PowerPoint 15.58 MB

Howard Reeves, United States Geological Survey
An Efficient Reliability Based Approach to Aquifer Remediation Design -
View Presentation (PDF) (33 pp, 770KB) or PowerPoint 1.85MB

Hyunhee An, University of Illinois - Champaign
Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impact in Mackinaw River Watershed, Illinois -
View Presentation (PDF) (35 pp, 630KB) or PowerPoint 5.32 MB

Lucinda Johnson, University of Minnesota - Duluth
Development of Environmental Indicators for Great Lakes Coastal Ecosystems -
View Presentation (PDF) (74 pp, 5.33 MB) or PowerPoint 29.17 MB

Michael Plewa, University of Illinois - Champaign
Genotoxicity and Occurrence Assessment of Disinfection By-Product Mixtures in Drinking Water -
View Presentation (PDF) (46 pp, 1.20 MB) or PowerPoint 4.20 MB

Brad Schultz, Human Health Risk Assessor, Office of Strategic Environmental Analysis, US EPA R5
Introduction and Opening Remarks
View Presentation (PDF) (10 pp, 415.35KB) or PowerPoint 917KB

Dr. William Farland, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Science, Office of Research and Development
Overview of Use of Biomarkers in Risk Assessment -
View Presentation (PDF) (19 pp, 440KB) or PowerPoint 582KB

Barry A. Finette, University of Vermont
Analysis of Genotoxic Biomarkers in Children Associated with a Pediatric Cancer Cluster and Exposure to Two Superfund Sites -
View Presentation (PDF) (26 pp, 1.73MB) or PowerPoint 10.51MB

Jan Storm, New York State Department of Health
Improving Human Health Risk Assessment for Tetrachloroethene by Using Biomarkers and Neurobehavioral Testing in Diverse Residential Populations -
View Presentation (PDF) (23 pp, 4.9MB) or PowerPoint 10.51MB

J. H. Raymer, Research Triangle Institute
Pre-natal Exposures of Children to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers: The Collection of Animal and Human Data along with the Development and Validation of a PBPK Model -
View Presentation (PDF) (18 pp, 1.60MB) or PowerPoint 600KB

Roy Shore, New York University
Biomarker Application and Risk Assessment of Cr(VI) -
View Presentation (PDF) (17 pp, 438.92KB) or PowerPoint 550KB

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